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WBWY – Chapter 3 (part 2)

When he said he has a video conference, he really went to the meeting. Mo Jingshen never intended leaving her even a spare of his time.

Two hours later, Mo Jingshen still did not return.

Just when Ji Nuan dozed off on the sofa, she suddenly shot up.

Would he just leave her alone? Would she just sleep in the office?

After all, she was such a wretch before. There’s a high possibility that he would hang her high and dry now…….

After giving it some thought, Ji Nuan went to open another door in the CEO’s office, which serves as a resting room for Mo Jingshen.

There is a bed, a bathroom and some basic necessities.

Ji Nuan habitually takes a shower before ten in the evening. In the three months when she was imprisoned in her previous life, she was only allowed to shower once in a month. She always felt that there were cockroaches and ants crawling onto the body leaving her now more sensitive. She can’t even bear a little sweat on her skin.

Should she take a shower before Mo Jingshen comes back?

She walked in. Because there was no change of clothes, she simply found a white men’s shirt in the closet and took it into the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, Mo Jingshen returned from the meeting and no longer saw any signs of Ji Nuan.

The office was quiet with only a mild cold fragrance from Ji Nuan.

Mo Jingshen stood stock still and surveyed the empty office for a long while before picking up his coat at the back of his chair. He was just about to leave when he heard a movement from his room.

She hasn’t left yet?

After a warm bath, Ji Nuan came out garbed in Mo Jingshen’s shirt while wiping her long hair that was still dripping.

She suddenly heard the sound of the door opening and subconsciously raised her eyes with fear only to see Mo Jingshen by the door.

Her hands froze instantly….

Mo Jingshen obviously hasn’t expected such a scene upon his return. Ji Nuan was wearing his shirt fresh from the bath with glossy eyes shimmering in the dimly lit room.

His shirt was large thus allowing the neckline to slip down her shoulders, revealing a snowy piece of skin.

A flush crept up Ji Nuan’s face as Mo Jingshen’s burning gaze suddenly fixed on her. She closed her legs subconsciously as she didn’t have a scrap underneath.

“I thought you’d throw me here tonight and wouldn’t come back…” She put down her towel and explained her uninvited run into his lounge.

Mo Jingshen’s eyes darkened: “Wear your own clothes!”

“I didn’t bring spare clothes, but I just called back at Royal Garden. It should be sent right away.” She retorted walking towards him. “Are you done now? Can you go back to Royal Garden with me?”

Mo Jingshen silently regarded this woman who was not afraid of death and dared to wear his clothes and parade it in front of him.

“What time is it now? It should be late.” Ji Nuan answered herself as she grabbed his hand to look at the time on his Patek Philippe watch. The hour hand was pointing at ten o’clock in the evening.

This watch suits his cold temperament perfectly. How did such an elegant man set his cap at her?

Ji Nuan was just about to let go of his wrist when her hand was caught by Mo Jingshen, pushing her to the side of the wall and directly pressed her firmly against it.

“Ji Nuan, what do you mean!” His cold heavy tone hinted ominously.

Ji Nuan stared at hm for a long while before slowly but firmly answering, “After last night, I want to seriously reconsider our relationship….”

Mo Jingshen bleakly watched her like a hawk, “Suddenly so sensible? What’s the price? Divorce?”

In the past, he must have been deeply hurt by the divorce. His pain didn’t escape Ji Nuan’s eyes.

She bit her lip, reached out hard to pull down his neck, stood on tiptoes and raised her head and pressed a kiss on his cold thin lips.

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