WBWY – Chapter 4 (part 1)

Chapter 4: Clearly still mad at her

Mo Jingshen was floored and leaned backwards.

Ji Nuan did not know where her courage sprouted from. She raised her toes higher and again caught his lips, stubbornly clinging onto the collars of his shirt more refusing to give up, let alone letting go.

Mo Jingshen pushed her away rudely and gruffly intoned, “Ji Nuan, you should know what you are doing!”

“I know! I’m sober!” Ji Nuan approached him persistently and declared unblinkingly, “Mo Jingshen, I’ll stay with your in the company or you go home with me. You choose one!”

The dark can conceal a lot of things, but it couldn’t hide the resolve in Ji Nuan’s eyes.

Mo Jingshen stared at her piercingly.

And Ji Nuan stared right back at him undaunted.

At long last, although Mo Jingshen gave her no answer, he draped his coat over her shoulders, which was his most direct answer.

Receiving his care, Ji Nuan’s eyes welled up in tears.

He clearly was still mad at her, but he still couldn’t help being good to her.

She really detested the spitefulness of her former self!

On the way back to the Royal Garden, Ji Nuan was sitting in dark car, with her pale fingers fiddling with the seat belt in front of her.

From time to time, she would steal glances at the man who was driving indifferently, while the streetlights and neon lights outside the car sprinkled through the windows, his smouldering brows hidden under the flashing lights.

Thinking back on his treatment before, with Mo Jingshen’s family background and all wealth in his possessions, he could have thrown her home at anytime and go gallivanting with some female stars or women in various social cirles.

But she has never seen him in the company of a woman.

She suddenly opened her mouth and broke the silence in the car: The Mo’s family driver seems rarely seen. Do you usually drive back on your own?’


“You didn’t get much sleep last night and you worked all day today. Aren’t you tired?”

Mo Jingshen was taken aback and finally gave her a look.

That one glance came across as if to say: I didn’t sleep last night, wasn’t it because of you?

Perceiving his meaningful glance, Ji Nuan’s ears reddened to the tip, “I mean, you shouldn’t ignore your health for work. You should go home after work. You should rest…”

Before she could finish her words, a truck ahead came barreling across the intersection, not slowing down nor turning, as if the brake was out of control and so heading directly at them.

“Be careful!”

Her anxious cry alerted Mo Jingshen, who speedily steered the wheel and turned in another direction, barely avoiding the truck as the brake screeched to a stop—

Ji Nuan, who has been fiddling with the seatbelt, was caught uprepared and lost the chance to support herself. Her whole body lurched forward and slammed into the glass, emitting a painful cry.

“Are you hurt?” Mo Jingshen immediately reached over and examined her slightly reddish forehead.

“Hiss…don’t touch!” Ji Nuan’s whole face crumpled as she pushed his hand away from her forehead.

Mo Jingshen forcibly held the back of her head, raised her hand over so he could turn his head around.

Her head bump was not too light as it turned red and swollen in a moment. Even her eyes were red.

His whole face clouded up: “Were you hit hard? Is it painful? Are you dizzy?”

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