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WBWY – Chapter 4 (part 2)

“It hurts…” Ji Nuan whimpered.

In fact, she didn’t bump too hard. With a pack of ice, the swell could diminish by tomorrow at most. She has never thought of playing the damsel in distress, but catching the care and concern in his eyes, she subconsciously wanted to play cute.

Mo Jingshen’s undisguised concern filled her with a long-awaited sense of belonging.

With him so close and cherishing her as her husband, it really was heartwarming.

“I’ll take you to the hospital.” Mo Jingshen pushed her to sit still and re-fastened her seat belt.

At the word hospital, Ji Nuan was scared off. She placed her palm on her forehead, “It’s really not serious. It’s so late, don’t bother the doctors.”

Mo Jingshen allowed her no room for refusal and warned her to sit still.

“I’m really fine…”

There was a city hospital nearby, and Mo Jingshen ignored her whispering protests and sent her directly to the clinic.

It wasn’t until Ji Nuan’s forehead was administered medication and the doctor determined that her injury would only be red and swollen for a few days with not even a minor concussion, that he was finally willing to take her home.

Upon their arrival at Royal Garden, Mrs. Chen noticed the evident “horn” on Ji Nuan’s forehead and immediately rushed, fussing over her and assisted her to the sofa as if she were about to be blown by the wind.

“Miss Ji, what’s wrong with you? Does it hurt?”

Ji Nuan smiled warmly: “It’s nothing. It’s just a bump. It’ll be fine in two days.”

Mrs. Chen nodded and suddenly snapped back to her senses. Only then did she realize, did Ji Nuan return with Mr. Mo?

Ji Nuan also looked up to see Mo Jingshen giving orders to another servant then went inside without looking at her.

“Mrs. Chen, just call me Mrs. Mo or Young lady later on, either will do.” Before Mo Jingshen got far, Ji Nuan suddenly said.

Mrs. Chen was first suprised then was ecstatic. “Oh! Madam! Mrs. Mo!”

It would seem that Ji Nuan has figured out a way to finally live with Mr. Mo!

And they just came back together!

Mrs. Chen stood up to prepare a midnight snack full of vim and vigor. Ji Nuan however stopped her: “Go and have a rest. it’s already late. I’ll prepare it myself.”

“Huh? Madam….” Mrs. Chen looked at her disbelievingly.

How could this high and mighty miss, Ji Nuan, cook?

She used to take exception at the oily smell in the kitchen.

“There’s a wound on your head, what are you still up and about at night? Go back to your room and get some sleep!” Mo Jingshen couldn’t help but retrace his steps.

Ji Nuan kept silent. She only addressed the other servants and Mrs. Chen. “It’s very late. Get back to rest.”

Chen still wanted to protest but since Mr. Mo has come over, she closed her mouth, nodded and quit the room.

“You must have not dinner yet all this time. A bowl of noodles is the easiest to cook. Wait for me.” She also ordered Mo Jingshen before heading into the kitchen.

When she passed by him, Mo Jingshen grabbed her wrist and held on for a moment, before making sure she wasn’t joking. He whispered, “Will you?”

Ji Nuan grinned.

She was confident with her current cooking skills, but still restrained boasting: “I’m not sure it’d be tasty, but I’m sure it’ll be edible.”

Mo Jingshen examined her forehead without any major injury. Although, he never intended to let her work in the kitchen, but looking at her sunny appearance, he ultimately restrained dispelling this rare show of interest.

He let go of her hand. Ji Nuan only felt the warmth left on her delicate wrist.

Clean, warm, ironing her skin with an inexplicable sense of security.

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