WBWY – Chapter 5 (part 2)

Ji Nuan tossed and turned deep into the night. As she couldn’t sleep, she got up and went downstairs to pour herself a glass of milk. Along the way, she thought of bringing a glass to Mo Jingshen as well.

But if her memory serves her right, Mo Jingshen never had a liking for milk.

She stopped short at pouring milk, turned upstairs and walked outside the door of the study.

She stuck her ears against the door and pricked up her ears, but she couldn’t hear a thing.

In the the early autumn night, there was already chill in the air.

Time gradually pointed to three in the morning when the door of the study finally opened.

“Ji Nuan?” The moment Mo Jingshen stepped out, he instantly saw her figure by the door fast asleep.

Ji Nuan was jolted awake: “You’re done….”

The man scowled as he dragged her up: “Don’t you know what time it is? What are you sleeping here for?”

Ji Nuan played dumb. Mo Jingshen brought her to the study and Ji Nuan finally had a look at the place he often stayed at whenever her returns to the Royal Garden.

It was as clean and tidy as his office. Two computers were displaying company data, and some documents and materials were left on the table.

Mo Jingshen saw her wearing a flimsy nightgown and took ahold of her cold hands. Settling her down on the sofa in the study, he wrapped his coat around her before standing in front of her.

“Ji Nuan, how old are you?”


“Are you still a kid? You don’t know you can catch a cold sleeping in the corridor in this kind of weather?’

“I just wanted to wait until you’re done. I wanted to talk to you, and somehow, I fell asleep there…”

“It’s already very late. If you have anything to say, you can just wait till tomorrow….” Mo Jingshen took note of her pale face from the cold outside.

As a consequence to her sleepless night the night before, her face was a pale shade of gray now. Nothing was more important than letting her get back to sleep.

Ji Nuan was still striving to reason out when she was directly taken out from the study. His warm hand grabbed hold of her wrist with no room for resistance and delivered her to the master bedroom, where he shut the door with a ‘bang.’

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