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WBWY – Chapter 5 (part 3)

Mo Jingshen returned to the study to turn off the data on the computer and took a shower in the other room beside the master bedroom.

He just lay down when he heard the door being pushed open. Ji Nuan, whom he just brought back to the master bedroom came out again, trotted to the bed and drilled under the quilt without reserve.

Mo Jingshen: “…”

“Ji Nuan.” He sighed, “No matter how many times you retreat to advance or make concessions to gain advantages, we are not gettting a divorce. So you better go back to bed, hmm?”

Ji Nuan buried her face in the quilt beside him, and sulked: “That’d be best! Mo Jingshen, remember your promise today, no matter when, we aren’t divorcing!”

As if he hadn’t heard her, Mo Jingshen simply held her shoulder and lifted her up, wondering if she had bumped her head too hard today.

Ji Nuan was about to add more when a soft touch from the palm of his hand suddenly landed on her forehead, cutting her off.

He stroked her forehead, avoiding the reddish and swelling on her forehead.

“No fever.” He felt his forehead and faintly concluded.


“It doesn’t seem like you’ve taken the wrong medicine.”


Ji Nuan was speechless, the quilt clenched tightly in her fingers.

She had always been upright, but it seems even if he were to threaten her with death, she was determined to sleep with him tonight and wasn’t about to be driven away. Her dainty feet were outside the quilt, exposing her tension and shyness. Her toes were curled, striking an indescribable cuteness.

Mo Jingshen glanced down and silently covered her feet, lest she be cold.

Even if it was a natural and inadvertent maneuver, it warmed Ji Nuan’s heart. Her feet straightened into the quilt and unintentionally rubbed them against his leg.

“Stop moving around.” Mo Jingshen admonished.

“I did not do it on purpose……”

She instinctively retracted her foot. As a result of her pulling to hard and lifting it again, it run into a place that should not be touched!

She froze, and the air around them plunged into a strange silence.

Ji Nuan subconsiously licked the seams of her lips. Her throat suddenly dried up as she groaned.


Mo Jingshen suddenly rolled and pressed her under him. Ji Nuan instantly choked on her words.

“Do you know what it means to play with fire?” Mo Jingshen whispered huskily beside her ear, his darkened eyes, hiding an indescribable beacon of burning flames…

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