What Do I Want to Do with This Magnificent Beauty? Chapter 2

The show, which was attended by Qi Shijiang, was just completed, and Qi Shijiang himself was controversial, and there were a number of fans who were attracted by the show’s popularity.

In addition, people are curious about the relationship between Xia Yizhen and Qi Shijiang, and it was at the peak of curiosity, and after the report was released, there were still many followers.

Qi Shijiang acknowledged that he was Jesse, and the media rushed to reprint his line, “I want to talk about crosstalking next” triggered a wave of discussion.

— — Qi Shejiang’s appearance is not controversial, even if he has no talent, it’s only a slight hindrance when he is doing variety show.

[Well… Qi Shijiang is still so beautiful, but when I heard the last sentence, I actually laughed out. 】

[Is this improvisation?I think the reporters are all confused about why he suddenly change?]

[Say a joke: humorous and witty. 】

[It’s the best joke Qi Shejiang has ever said since he debuted, 100 times more funny than he was on the show…

[The baby is so cute. You’ve learned to joke about yourself,

It’s funny, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. 】


“Look, from the media to the netizens, they think your joking!”

This is the way to the concert, Li Jinglai picked up Qi Shejiang at the airport, he and Xia Yizhen arrived there a morning earlier, and Qi Shijiang just arrived.

Until half an hour ago, he still didn’t feel that Qi Shijiang really wanted to do cross talk…

He even thinks this is a kind of revenge for Qi Shijiang. If they won’t let him be himself, he will fight them. As for why  Qi Shijiang agreed to come to the concert, he still has not figured it out, he almost thought he was being played by Qi Shijiang, and he might not be able to receive Qi Shijiang today.

At the time, he thought that everyone would calm down, but after the meeting just now, he wanted to talk, and Qi Shejiang actually showed the seriousness he had never seen before, scaring him off.

For the first time, Li Jing, who has been in this profession for decades, feels that he has a weak tongue, and that the strange dream of Qi Shijiang, which came out of nowhere, was totally different from what they had expected of him!

“Uncle Jing, I’ve always been interested in cross-talk, but you didn’t know.”Qi Shejiang was very calm, and he did not understand how shocking this decision was to Li Jing, but also the psychological quality of his artistic training. He also said that the Internet was more mysterious to him than TV, and could not even see the comments of his netizens, so he listened to Li Jing and read several articles.

This is just plain to say: One of Qi Shejiang’s parents is a businessman and one is an artist. It’s normal for Qi Shijiang to have a hobby that nobody knows.

Right now, Li Jing said bitterly, “If you look at the netizens, how happy you are, you know how much you think is not reliable. Who can believe, do you think you are like a cross talk?”

For now, Li Jing says bitterly, “If you see how happy your netizens are, you know how unreliable your idea is, who can believe it, do you feel like you’re cross talker?”  

Qi Shijiang was silent for a while. He is not a blind.

Cross talk doesn’t require that the actors must have a crooked appearance, to make people laugh. There are handsome actors who do it, but the appearance of Qi Shijiang has reached the point where the audience can be distracted.

But this is not only the foundation of Qi Shijiang’s life, but also the only consolation in this space-time, he really can’t give up.

After a while, he said: “It’s inhumane.”

He was sad, and could not believe that his face would stop him from doing his old job.


Qi Shejiang was taken to the back room by Li Jing, and Xia Yizhen was getting made up, she was over 40, but she is still beautiful and moving, looking more like Qi Shejiang’s sister. Compared with Qi Shijiang, Xia Yizhen was more Westernized.

As soon as she saw Qi Shijiang, Xia Yizhen enthusiastically hugged him.

Qi Shijiang is somewhat uncomfortable, but probably because of this body, when he saw  Xia Yizhen there was an inexplicable feeling of intimacy.

Li Jing was a bit eager to tell Xia Yizhen that he had just learned that Qi Shijiang wanting to do cross talk seemed serious, but after thinking about it, it would not be long before the opening, he will wait until the end of the concert, otherwise Xia Yizhen will be anxious.

Xia Yizhen was very pleased with her son. In her opinion, this is a signal that the ice was breaking on their relationship.

She sat back down to continue the finishing touches of her makeup,while talking to Qi Shijiang, with a few quips: “I saw the report. Now you’re willing to admit that your my son?”

She is more concerned about Qi Shijiang’s response to Jesse’s identity.

Qi Shejiang, on the other hand, says: “Why not admit it?”

In his day, in his circle, it was normal for the family to mention their famous parents and relatives on stage. And as Li Jing said, in the end you can try to rely on yourself.

Xia Yizhen flashed a trace of surprise on his face. “Son, you changed your mind?” That…… Will you be willing to go on a show with mom in the future?! “

After she said that, there was a moment when she wondered if she was too anxious.

Qi Shijiang: “Can you? Thank you.”

She almost couldn’t hold back the fist.

God, Xiao Xiao promised! Xia Yizhen’s brown eyes widened, and she nearly shed moving tears if the makeup artist hadn’t stopped her in horror.



The concert has already begun. On stage, Xia Yizhen is performing.

Qi Shijiang and Li Jing sit together in the VIP seat, and only a few viewers around him recognize him.

When the show was halfway, Xia Yizhen suddenly said:

“Actually, my son, Jesse, is out there today.”

Within three seconds after Xia Yizhen said this sentence, the live fans gave a warm response. She smiled. “Thank you, I believe many people know that Jesse has a name that is Qi Shijiang.”

At this time, the scene director put the lens on Qi Shijiang, and his face appeared on the big screen. He inadvertently looks up, and looking at the screen with half closed eyes that are covered in thick eyelashes, casually stunning the audience.

Fans scream, half because it’s the son of a goddess, half because that face of Qi Shijiang makes people want to scream. It’s all about life, nothing about it, but his five-part is already pretty enough.

Xia Yizhen smiled and said: “The next song is an old song, which happened to come out the year Jesse was born, so I want to invite him to come and play with me. I hope everyone can give him applause like support me.”

It’s just Xia Yizhen’s momentary thought, and the conversation with Qi Shejiang in the lounge made her feel a little happy, and her son finally stopped resisting her help.

She really couldn’t hold back and wanted to recommend her son to everyone immediately.

Xia Yizhen looked forward to seeing her son.

Qi Shijiang: “…”

It is not that he changed his mind, and he does not want to accept the help of Xia Yizhen, but… how can he sing the song of Xia Yizhen!

However, the applause had already sounded, and the staff had brought another microphone, and Li Jing pressed his shoulder as he walked along.

No one has thought about this question. How can Qi Shijiangnot sing a fucking classic?

Qi Shijiang has encountered many accidents in his career, but this is a first. He slowly calmed down and walked on the stage while thinking about how to break this embarrassing situation.

His eyes turned around and fell on the band of the live accompaniment. Tonight there are not only Western musical instruments, but also traditional musical instruments, such as the pipa, sanxian and erhu.


Qi Shejiang can play the sanxian. Xia Yizhen just said that they were performing together, but she didn’t say that he would be singing, and he wondered if he could take a three-stringed approach.

To do that he needed to intercept Xia Yizhen’s words first and take the initiative to control the scene rhythm. This is also Qi Shejiang’s skill, he has already raised his microphone and is about to speak before he has even stepped onto the stage.

On the screen of the lyrics, the song title and the first few lyrics of the next song appear: “Why West Chamber”.

At the same time, Xia Yizhen also said: “Can any young people sing this song? Old songs in traditional Chinese themes.”

Why the West Chamber?

At this instant, Qi Shejiang changed his mind!

It was created from a novel of the same name in ancient China.”He Bi Xi Xiang,” also known as “A Dream of Plum Blossoms,” was originally written in a ballad, and later appeared in a variety of musical forms. Now, pop music is taking it.

Qi Shejiang won’t sing Xia Yiwei’s version of “He Bi Xi Xiang,” but cross talk actors have a grocer’s stomach and have to learn everything.

Let me put it this way, the rhetoric, drums, Beijing opera, and cymbals of “Why West Chamber”… he can learn in all versions, and he will sing!


Qi Shijiang had arrived in front of Xia Yiwei, who held his hand and smiled at him.

Qi Shejiang also smiled, but no one could tell from his face that he would not sing the song to be performed next.

As for the audience, who was overwhelmed by all kinds of pressure, he was confused, he was not nervous, no matter how many people, no matter how many thousands, he had seen all kinds of scenes.

When the prelude sounded, Qi Shejiang recognized that there was a drumbeat in it, and it became more and more in the chest.

Drum music is a general term for this kind of folk music, there are many kinds of music, including Jingyun Drum, Plum Blossom Drum, Lantern Drum, Henan Pendant, Shandong Qin Shu, etc.

Xia Yizhen has been in the entertainment circle for many years, and is very relaxed on stage. She said: “”Stand closer, don’t hide. Now everyone knows we are mothers and son.”

Say crosstalk which can make the words on the ground, this is still on the stage, Qi Shejiang was extremely quick to respond, and he answered the following question almost without thinking:  *“I am afraid that we two are broken (cei).”

T/N: He is using a northern dialect. Cei is a common word used by Beijingers. It has a lot of meanings but for this I think it’s the meaning of  ‘your corpse is already relatively close’.

It took two seconds for the audience to react and laugh. Qi Shejiang’s words clearly mean that the media jokingly claimed that they had a couple of mother and son vases, and that they were each a vase, and they didn’t have to smash them carefully.

Xia Yizhen did not expect Qi Hejiang to catch the words, but also make it into a joke, but she couldn’t bear to think much about it, but she had to sing: “I have built plum blossoms in my several generations, and I have paid tribute to each other for their noble spirits. “If you look at life and death, you see wine, you’ll see the same thing…”

An opening is the taste of pop music, and it is not surprising that the accompaniment and lyrics have music materials.

The fans in the audience don’t really care about what others say about Qi Shejiang. They are fans of Xia Yizhen, even though Qi Shejiang’s singing is not good enough, the meaning of this song is that Xia Yizhen and Jesse sing together.

Even Xia Yizhen herself, was a vase in her youth, even after all these years,her singing was not the best.

Therefore, the enthusiasm of the audience is clear, and they didn’t really didn’t expect to hear any god-level singing.

But it’s one thing to expect, It is another matter for Qi Shejiang not to sing.

This looks like a chorus, Qi Shejiang and Xia Yizhen held hands, and Xia Yizheni also kept looking at Qi Shejiang, but he could see that Qi Shejiang did not speak.

They didn’t say there was such a guest in advance, and they couldn’t tell if the program was arranged like that. If that’s the way it was arranged, Xia YiZhen would sing a chorus, and Qi Shejiang would still not open his mouth?

“It’s not a dream to love the world, but also to wake up to the old days, why bother the heart of the West Chamber. The rhetoric re-examines the plum blossom dream, and falls into the memories of the boat meeting…” Xia Yizhen has finished singing the chorus. She is also a little surprised.

Several times ago, she wanted to stop Qi Shejiang to sing, but Qi Shejiang mic didn’t lift up, so she could only continue on her own.

Interlude, only the sound of three strings, erhu and other instruments. 

It was then that Qi Shejiang opened his mouth.

He heard this song for the first time, and he had been thinking about the style of the song, his eyes, searching for the right songs and words in his mind, before finally deciding.

Then the audience saw from the big screen that Qi Shijiang finally picked up the mic and sang in a self-satisfied manner: “The paper window is rising in the beginning, and the half-tattered piece of paper is lit. At this point, Yan Fureji’s feather is light.”

In a moment, the sound of the instruments was suppressed.

The sound of transparency, the tune is full of  traditional flavor, the old accent is integrated with the accompaniment of the three strings and erhu, the singing technique is also full of the charm of the flavor of tea houses and the opera garden, bringing people back to China 100 years ago.

But because of the theme of the song, it fits perfectly with the whole song, and even seems to sublimate it!

Thousands of spectators were stunned.

Xia Yizhen was stunned.

From the Provincial Music Troupe, they specially invited musicians from the three strings, pipa, four hu, and so on to accompany the performance, and they were stunned!


“This is a good song… Isn’t this song based on traditional songs, is it the original song?”

“I guess so. No wonder it sounds good. It’s not that Jesse can’t sing, I just don’t know how good it is!”

“Yes, this is a good addition!”

For the average audience, even if you don’t understand why the “Western Chamber” is based on the story or the drum. There are too few people who listen to traditional music, and they only know this part, and it sounds very good.

Besides, although they don’t know the art, they have low psychological expectations.

Visually, it is even more enjoyable. Xia Yizhen and Qi Shijiang mother and son, two generations of beautiful people on the same stage. The big screen began to madly give Qi Shijiang a close-up, which caused many female audiences to be biased in an instant, raising their mobile phones to shoot.

Xia Yizhen who was on the stage, was also in a state of confusion. In order to sing this song, she went to reference the singing of the Da Gu, and was half-literate. Is this her illusion, how does she feel… her son sis a good singer?

Isn’t that serious?

At this time, there were only a few serious players on the scene, and the accompaniment musicians were dizzy.

The string teacher Lao Bai worked in the provincial art group for so many years.Qi Shejiang had a great singing voice just now, him just singing the first two words left him shocked. The lines don’t float, they are delicate and clear, he doesn’t look like the new person in this business.

Several of their musicians have subconsciously adjusted themselves, and they have completed the dialogue from Qi Shijiang and their eyes in an instant, to the point where they were in tune with Qi Shijiang.

How long did Qi Shejiang learn for, Lao Bai did not know, and when he spoke of the flavor in his voice, he had to praise the Master Qin for his meal. Even standing on the stage made him think of two words: monopolize.

The only thing that makes Lao bai somewhat ignorant is Qi Shejiang’s rhythm sounds like a Mu-style plum-blossom drum, the singing sounds like a shadow of a Jing-yun drum, and the words are like the words in the drum of “He Bi Xi Xiang,” but they are somewhat different.

He has heard so many kinds of drums, and he can’t hear which genre this is. Can’t it be that this guy created it?

T/N: Seven pages, I almost died x.x I hope you enjoy it.


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