What Do I Want to Do with This Magnificent Beauty? Chapter 3 pt 1

Qi Shijiang is not a professional drum actor, but he has never created a drum. The reason why Lao bai can’t hear it, It’s because the section he just sang, ‘listening to the shadow of the drum’, it sounded like a drum, but it’s not really a drum, it’s from a children’s book.

Compared with the drums, he thought the children’s books were more suited to the tune.

“The Children’s Books” is a form of art created in the Eight Banners of Beijing in the past. Therefore, it has been named, and its theme and lyrics are more elegant.

When Qi Shejiang was in Xinjiang, the number of people he met was very small, it was as if everyone basically disappeared from the public’s view, it was almost the same as if they lose their lives. It was a mere coincidence that he got to learn it from an old artist without a protégé.

The children’s books are very difficult to sing, and none of the old men have mastered them.They all taught Qi Shejiang what they knew. It is a pity that Qi Shejiang did not have time to accept the apprentices before he died.

Although the children’s book lost, but it has a personal name, called “old drum words.”

What do you mean? The drum words here refer to drumming.

Later, Jingyun Drum, Pear Flower Drum, Henan Fuzi and others inherited some of the beat, rhythm, music and text of the children’s books at the time of the founding, so the children’s books were not called “old drum words”.

The children’s books are half the forerunners of these drums, and they have a lot to do with each other.

There are many elements in the original words of the drum song “He Bi Xi Xiang”, including the fact that the singing is actually adapted from the children’s books.

Therefore, it is not Qi Shejiang’s singing style that resembles a drum, but rather the children’s book that Qi Shejiang sang!

As for the shadow of the Mu Pai Mei Hua Drum, which the string master Bai calls “Mu Pai Mei Hua Drum,” it is even simpler.

In the course of the development of the children’s books and the Drum Music, the elements of Chinese opera were absorbed. Since he was a child, Qi Shejiang has been playing a scientific role.

At the end of the song, Qi Shejiang added two more lines: “There’s a lot of sense in history, and there’s a lot of love in new words!”

It was also from his children’s books, and by this time he and the musicians seemed to have reached an invisible understanding of each other, cooperating with each other.

At the end of the script, the musical instrument was left with three strings, accompanied by the Qi Shejiang’s leisurely tail sound, which rolled down with a round and bright chord.

When the song ended, under the spotlight, Qi Shejiang turned around and gently bowed his head in master Bai and the band’s direction.

Old Bai and others also smiled, and although they did not exchange a word, they completed a beautiful cooperation.


At the end of the concert, Qi Shejiang had intended to go to the orchestra to talk, but was dragged backstage by Xia Yizhen and Li Jing, and he could not escape.

After all, Xia Yizhen and Li Jing are shocked by the performance of Qi Shejiang, they feel that Qi Shejiang’s state has been reborn!

Xia Yizhen debuted for so long, that she can tell that when Qi Shijiang is standing on the stage he feels at ease.

In contrast, when she first debuted, she was absolutely inferior. After several years of climbing, she found her position.

As for the singing of Qi Shejiang, the Drum Dance Troupe has a limited understanding, just thinking that the Qi Shejiang may have been practiced, and what she cares more about is that it may not be very good for her son, but the performance before with Qi Shejiang was very spiritual..

Today, however, it is very different.

Is that what happened overnight?

After Li Jing told Xia Yizhen that Qi Shijiang really wanted to do crosstalk, Xia Yizhen was a little confused.

“Qi Shijiang I see that you like this… music, but the cross talk is not suitable for you.” Xia Yizhen said tactfully, “You can make an album, you sing very well.”

Qi Shejiang objected, “That’s not my old profession.”

Xia Yizhen: “You’ve been in the business for six months. You old profession was a student.”

Qi Shijiang: “…”

Qi Shijiang: “…Yes, I mean, the profession that I really like.”

Xia Yiyi waved his hands again and again. “When you just joined the show, you said that you have to be an actor by yourself. Your dreams are getting too fast, let me talk.”

That’s what Li Jing meant, but he was more subtle: “Let’s go and watch.”

When Qi Shejiang heard this, he could only say: “Just give me a chance, I will prove it to you.”

As time goes by, people will find their hearts, It’s late today, but there’s a time for them to see it.

Xia Yizhen and Li Jing face each other, this child is very sincere, but they could hardly imagine Qi Shijiang doing a cross-talk.


Xia Yizhen’s concert was not released in official recordings. Some viewers used mobile phones to record some clips on the Internet. Of course, they also included Xia Yizhen and Qi Hejiang’s  version of “He Bi Xi Xiang”.

At first, all of them were rereading the golden sentences of Guan Shan’s lead singer Zhang Yue. One of them was: [After listening, it sounds so good! 】

Fans of Qi Shijiang rushed up, and carefully praised the stage lights of Su Yan-ai Dou, from hair to eyelashes, lips to fingers, carefully praised it.

Later, when others came out,  the other slow people who didn’t know what to think weakened and said[How do I feel that singing is really good, I feel very touched this time. 】

[I also feel embarrassed, this is to add points to the whole song, and it feels quite authentic. 】

After all, everyone has an early impression of Qi Shijiang, and feels that it is good, but it is still not strong enough.

But the vast majority of people do not understand the drums, and none of the practitioners of the string can recognize that this is not a drum or a book of children, much less stop some half-literate people from speaking: [He said that serious laughter was dead.There’s no telling what kind of drum you’re buying, no way to hear it.]

However, this is a minority. Most people, either black and white, are difficult to distinguish. [Old rules, you listen to songs, I look at the face], or they just talk about how Qi Shejiang had even blackened himself before the opening ceremony and brought his parents along.

…I am afraid that Xia Yizhen has found a writer for her son and would like to reverse his image.


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