What Do I Want to Do with This Magnificent Beauty? Chapter 3 pt 2

Pineapple Media Building.

Today’s work is to take pictures, with Xia Yizhen, at least no one is making it difficult for Qi Shijiang.

It was not the first time that this photographer took pictures of Qi Shejiang, she was the first one to take a picture of Qi Shejiang when he joined the company, and she witnessed Qi Shejiang’s journey through the space of just a few months.

Because it was not the first time the photographer had worked together, she had already understood the characteristics of Qi Shijiang. However, today’s Qi Shijiang surprised the photographer, it seemed as if his entire being has changed a lot.

It’s not a change in the five organs, it’s a subtle change in temperament, as if the whole person had settled down a lot, but it’s not that they had sunk into dust, but it is more aura, and when he looks at the camera, the eyes are scary.

 It seemed as if Qi Shijiang have lost his life,  and it is only now that he has been relieved of those feelings — Internal news, she heard that he and Xia Yizhen had differences — is that why he is angry?

And she always felt that Qi Shejiang was more approachable and polite in the past, but she was good and polite tutor. Now it’s not the same. It’s not like she’s going to be able to sum it up in detail.

Qi Shejiang is also very competent, at a photo shoot before only a small number of pictures were taken, it was all very expensive, and now with his new appeal, a lot of pictures were taken.

He’s even a little distracted, later, a staff member came to him for a photo, and he was very cooperative, and he also boasted that his camera skills were great.


At last, Qi Shejiang finished all his work, drank some water, and the staff said good-bye, and sat in the place he had agreed to with Li Jing, waiting for him to pick him up.

Of course, Li Jing does not pick up the person personally every day, but he wants to bring Qi to talk about the work, and Qi Shejiang is waiting for him. It would be more than a half an hour until he will be there.

Qi Shejiang took out his cell phone and wanted to call Li Jing, but after staring at the cell phone for a short time, he got into trouble.

Oh no, forgot where to call…

Qi Shejiang’s inherited memories are so fragmented that they do not include the way cell phones are used, and for someone who had walked through them 80 years ago, the device is simply too complicated.

Qi Shejiang really didn’t have the basis for using his mobile phone, jumping directly from a dial phone to a smartphone was too subversive, he had too much knowledge to grasp, he could easily find a manual, and his head was full of simplified characters.  

At least he remembers how to turn it on and unlock it, but he forgot how to enter the address book.

Looking around,there was a young man passing by across from him who had just started talking on the phone, Qi Shejiang went over to him in a determined way to ask for advice..

The young man is more than 20 years old, but he looks handsome. While he is talking, the black eyebrows are provoked, showing a bit of publicity, that is, the hair is a little messy, and wearing slippers, it seems to be over-the-top.

This person also noticed that Qi Shijiang came over, his eyes suddenly became a bit strange, and he looked at him a few times.

Qi Shijiang stood in front of him and wanted to wait for him to finish the call.

The young man glanced at Qi Shijiang again, suddenly covering his mobile phone and frowning: “What?”

Qi Shijiang did not know why he was so impressed.Since he asked, he went up a few steps and smiled a little embarrassed. He said, “Excuse me, please do me a favor.”

As soon as he smiled, his five features become more vivid, making it difficult for people to refuse.

The other side’s face was even more bizarre, staring strangely at him for a while before slowly saying: “You say.”

Qi Shijiang handed the phone out: “Do you know how to enter the address book?”

Young people:”……”

Qi Shijiang looked at him sincerely.

“…X.” Three seconds later, the young man throws out a swear word and turns around and walks away, and continues talking on his cellphone. “Nothing. Someone just picked a fight.”

Qi Shijiang also knows his problems may be low, but young people are too angry.He was just wondering if he could find another person, when he saw that Li Jing showed up which let him breathe a sigh of relief.


When Li Jing arrived, he asked: “Did you talk to Zhang Yue? How did he get that look?”

Qi Shejiang vaguely said: “There was a little problem with the phone just now. I wanted to ask him.”

Li Jing was speechless, “You don’t have a grudge.”

Qi Bush: “What kind of grudge? I haven’t seen him?”

He doesn’t have any memories, and the guy doesn’t look like he’s an old acquaintance.

Li Jing said differently: “Of course you haven’t seen it, but you don’t remember? The online phrase ‘Listen to it. It looks so good. ” That’s what he said first. That’s the guy. His agent gave up treatment.”

Qi Shijiang almost understood the meaning. That makes sense. No wonder the guy looks so weird. No wonder he thinks he’s looking for trouble!


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    1. since it’s only a 40 chapter novel I want to complete it but i’m busy at the moment doing other things. I will come back to it sooner or later if no one else picks it up first.