What Do I Want to Do with This Magnificent Beauty? Chapter 1

What Do I Want to Do with This Magnificent Beauty? Chapter 1

Translator: @angelicamorgan291

What Do I Want to Do with This Magnificent Beauty? Chapter 1

Translator: @angelicamorgan291

When the agent Li Jing walked into the living room, the gossip news was playing on the TV screen,and the media speculated about the new action of Pineapple Media.

The game-based variety show launched by Pineapple Media this year is quite good.

The discerning eye can see that the show is a newcomer with a new atmosphere. There are also several newcomers to Pineapple Media.

At the end of the first quarter, the new people’s popularity rose more or less. Rumor has it that pineapple media have been warmly received by the audience, and there is also an intention to have a few of them team up.

It was also at this time that news broke out, that among the newcomers, Qi Shejiang, who was criticized by the media as a vase and is also the most popular, is actually Jesse, the son of Xia Yizhen, the singer-songwriter.

Although Xia Yizhen’s son’s exposure is very small, there are always a few old photos of his childhood. Under such a contrast, some people slap their heads: they say they look a little alike!

Previously, because of the contrast between Qi Shejiang’s face value and performance, he was quite controversial. He had neither a variety of art nor a special feature. The only talent he showed in the show was his piano playing. As for the level? There are good people who are interviewing other stars everywhere, and what is their opinion on his performance. Guan Shan’s singer Zhang Yue, who has never stopped his mouth, also contributed a golden sentence: “I heard it. It’s so good.”

Coincidentally, Xia Yizhen had the nickname of a vase beauty from a young age.

It also belongs to the category of “singing by face”. This time the media have joked: It is strange that they are not involved in the river, they are all genetic forces.

Immediately, the whole program was also published in order to hold Shejiang. Other newcomers are accompanying the Prince. As for Qi Shejiang, whether or not he will join the group, there are also many speculations.

Some people broke the news that Qi Shijiang looks was outstanding. Xia Yizhen wanted her son to be left alone. After all, there were audiences who said that they didn’t care about Qi Shijiang’s character, and they were willing to watch when they were sitting there.

It is also said that Qi Shijiang has nothing except for his face. Unlike his other colleagues who have their own strengths, this person has no sense of variety and it is quite awkward to put him in. The pineapple executives do not want him to join.

But no matter which kind of statement, it is all aligned with the appearance of the river.


Li Jing shut down the TV and meditated for a while.

This face of Jesse can’t be described by the words “good-looking” alone. If there is no boring expression of the face, even Xia Yizhen’s son, can be enough to enter the program.

He inherited a quarter of his mother’s Western ancestry, black hair and black eyes at first glance is the handsome look of the Oriental, the body is also thin, deep eye sockets and the thick curly long eyelashes reveals a little Western style, even the under-eyelashes also look amazing. It is easy to have shortness of breath when you are watched by these eyes for more than five seconds.

Now, he used these eyes to stare at Li Jing with a little inquiry, as if in doubting Li Jing’s intention.

“I came to see you. Are you resting well these days? You suddenly fainted before, I couldn’t find the reason. Don’t stay up late, now there are many young people who are dying at night. ” Li Jing has a sincerely big heart.   

He paused and looked at the TV that was just turned off. Li Jing went on to say: “And, Xiao Jiang, I know that you don’t want to rely on your mother, you are marked, but your relationship will soon be revealed. In fact, it doesn’t have to be so big. In a few days, no one will pay attention to it. In the end, it will be up to the audience to remember,  or it depends on you. Don’t be angry again. ”

Li Jing is the agent of Xia Yizhen. After the identity of Qi Shijiang had exploded, he simply took over the work of Qi Shejiang. Xia Yizhen has a rather big nerve, and even made jokes like “It’s not good like your mother.” This made Qi Shijiang even more dissatisfied.

Qi Shijiang nodded. “You are right.”

Li Jing was a little bit surprised by the reaction, it sounded like he agreed with his words, but it was too unlike Xiao Jiang’s character. He hesitated to say: “That day after the concert, want me to give you a seat?” 

He also mentioned it before, but at that time, Qi Shijiang was afraid of being photographed, and did not agree.

Now, Qi Shejiang nodded again and said easily: “Yes.”

At this time, Li Jingcai carefully looked at Qi Shijiang, only felt that when Qi Shijiang was not seen for a few days, Qi Shijiang was still the same, but the way he acted seemed to have matured a lot, having a penetrating feeling .

Is it a disease, or has the pressure of public opinion these days allowed him to grow up?

“That’s good.” Li Jing patted Qi Shijiang on the shoulder, “You have a good rest, I am looking for a script for you.”

Qi Shijiang does not want to participate in the group from Pineapple Media.

But there is not much insider guessing from the outside. From the beginning, he himself was not interested in the group’s debut, or that is this person is not good at teamwork.

When Li Jing said that he was leaving, Qi Jiang says: “Uncle, I don’t want to act.”

Li Jing raised his eyebrows. “How come your changing, what do you want to do?”

Qi Shijiang blinked and said a word to him.

After listening to Li Jing, he fell into a sluggish situation, and he looked at him for three seconds. “… Xiaojiang, are you still angry with us?”

Qi Shijiang said naturally: “No. Oh, right, Uncle, the light in my room is broken. Do you know how to fix it?”


After Li Jing left, Qi Shijiang gave himself a pot of tea to drink.

These days, a miracle happened to him.

Ten days ago, he was also called Qi Shejiang, but he did not live here, but he lived in China eighty years ago. He is a folk artist who makes a living by crosstalking. After staying out in the rain, he suffered from typhoid fever and died.

He never thought that he would reincarnate, who would have thought that in a  blink of an eye that it would be 80 years later in China and he has become the present “Qi Shijiang”.

Qi Shijiang’s mind has more than a few incomplete memories, good and bad, letting him get a rough understanding of this body, these days he has been adapting to this strange thing, adapting to the new identity of time and space, but also adapting to suddenly losing everything he had.

No matter how weird, for those who have died once, it is most precious to be reborn. And he doesn’t know why, obviously he is not similar to this “Qi Shi Jiang”, but he is very kind to all of Qi Shejiang.

He used to look straight and clean, and the “Qi Shijiang” here has an amazing look; He came from a family of opera performers,and had a lot of skills in the crosstalk dialog,and mastered a lot of craftsmanship. Shijiang has no artistic talent, and he was a *vase more than his mother. Even his character is a bit sloppy. He eats by his mouth and “Qi Shijiang” is not good at words.

T/L: This word seems to appear a lot. For people who appear on tv it means that the actor is very beautiful, but there is no such thing as acting, connotation, temperament or the like. Just like a vase, it looks great for people to appreciate, but it is very fragile.

But the inexplicable feeling, unlike the legendary possession, is as if no one has disappeared, but only merged.

Qi Shijiang even suspected that the two of them should be one, or because of this fit, his soul can fall on this body.

Even though he has got a new life, nearly a century has passed, the world is almost unknown. At that time, “electricity” had not entered ordinary people’s homes, now, there is electricity everywhere, as long as you just click, the lights are lit, and there are all kinds of things — the lights in his room badly played by him.

There is also the occupation of Qi Shijiang here, which also makes him very confused, and the memories obtained by him are sporadic and not enough for him to understand.

This feels like selling art to the audience, as before, but now the two sides are not seeing each other, they are separated across a screen, as if the movie is normal, so isn’t it just that you’ve been playing it all by yourself, and you don’t know if the audience likes it or doesn’t like it, and you can’t adjust it in time?

Qi jiang is a spirit of study, they at that time also have to constantly learn new things, in order to catch the audience, so a moment of confusion although it made him confused, but it didn’t make him depressed, but so many big changes, have him at a loss.

Mandarin Coat

Until, on his dazzling TV, he saw his colleagues wearing mandarin coats *cross talking to each other.

T/N: Xiangsheng, also known as crosstalk, is a traditional Chinese comedic performing art, and one of China’s most popular cultural elements.

At the time, eighty years seemed to have collapsed. In this new world, he found a sense of belonging!

Qi Shejiang’s goal was clear, and although Li Jing had a rather big reaction just now, Qi Shejiang thought he would prefer to get involved in his old business.


The repairman called by Li Jing came over and repaired the lights. Qi Shijiang stared at them from the side and watched the whole process. He saw that the maintenance workers were uncomfortable.

Not to mention that after the repair, the beautiful young man also boasted about how great the repairman was, his eyes looked so sincere, that the repairman suspects that he has not just repaired the lights but instead a spaceship.

After the maintenance worker left, Qi Shijiang also went out. This is the first time he went out alone after coming to this time and space. He felt that through these days of observation and study, he already had the ability to go out alone.

As soon as he arrived at the ground floor, he was blocked by a squatting reporter, who said hello to him, “Good afternoon, Jesse.” “

Qi Shijiang knows that this is the foreign name of “himself”. Although they don’t know each other, but since the reporter has greeted him. Of course he also said, “Hello.”

The reporter was overjoyed, Qi Qijiang responded to the name Jesse, which is equivalent to his official recognition that he is the son of Xia Yizhen!

The reporter seems to have taken a shot of chicken  blood. “Li Jing just left here. Did he go to your house? Did he talk about your next job? Can you tell us what’s going to happen next? What will you do?”

It’s really about asking if Qi Shejiang is going to join the new pineapple media group or be apart of his mother’s industry, to be an excellent vase…Oh, no, a singer or an actor?

For this topic, Qi Shijiang, who had avoided talking about it before, said: “I want to do crosstalking next.”


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