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Winter Begonia Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

At the mahjong table, Cheng Fengtai and his youngest uncle Fan Lian sat in a match, and the other two were rich and wealthy ladies. A total of six tables were placed in the two brightly lit halls. People in their class became lively at night, and the birthday treats were served one after another, and the concubines gave birth to children. To put it bluntly, they just cleverly gathered to eat and drink, without a sky.

Cheng Fengtai was playing cards, Chachaer was wearing a red dress skirt, sitting beside him peeling grapes, peeling and eating himself, and was strangely quiet in a tumult. Cheng Fengtai turned his head from time to time to ask Cha Chaer to ask for grapes to tease her. Cha Chaer ignored it, and occasionally was very disturbed, and put one in his mouth.

Fan Lian said, laughing and forgetting the rules, and lit a cigarette. Before he could take a sip in his mouth, Cheng Fengtai glared at him: “It’s pinched. My sister is here, she’s going to cough.”

Fan Lian pinched the cigarette reluctantly, complaining: “Brother-in-law-not I said you, let’s play cards, what are you doing with your third sister? It’s so late, the child will sleep.”

When Chachaer heard someone talking about her, she stopped eating grapes. Under the bright lights, a pair of big brown transparent eyes looked straight at Fan Lian, two cold lights, and the red clothes on her body also showed a dazzling Horror. Fan Lian was very uncomfortable by her. He had long felt that the child was a bit evil, eerie, and never spoke. Although the facial features are beautiful, they are murderous and sharp, and I do not know how they were nurtured. It is said that her mother is a heterogeneous woman in southern Xinjiang, is it a Miao? That’s poisonous …

The women next to them complained immediately: “Yeah, two lords, with a child here, we are not allowed to smoke and suffocate.”

“It’s more than playing cards with my sister. The second lord took her everywhere. The last time I discussed business with my lord, I also brought it with me.”

“I said second prince, is Miss San really your sister-in-law? The two brothers and sisters look nothing like each other. Besides, there is no brother who hurts my sister like this, don’t lie to us.”

Speaking of which, everyone should not smile deeply. Cheng Fengtai was joked by them like this, smiled and swept their eyes over them: “Do not talk nonsense! This joke is too unethical.” A look around Chacha’s shoulder: “Little girl, come and give your brother a card.”

Chachaer squeezed one hand, the grape juice in his hand was smeared on the card, and it was sticky. Cheng Fengtai wiped it on his clothes, turned it around, and looked mad. He lowered his head and picked up Cha Cha’er’s face and kissed him.

“Aha! Know why I took her, she is my Lucky Star!”

Fan Lian lost his bargaining chips and said angrily: “Don’t be proud! I also have a sister, and I will bring my family Jin Ling’er next time.”

Cheng Fengtai said, “Speaking of my younger sister, Brother Lian, I ask you, why is my wife called Fan You, you are called Fan Lian, except that my younger sister’s name has a gold letter? Isn’t that messing up the word generation?”

Fan Lian said: “When Sanmei was born, there was a locust in my grassland. The harvest was bad, and I lost a lot of silver. The fortune teller said this was because our sisters had too much water in their names, and the water was golden, so my father was in a hurry. Add a gold to Sanmei’s name. “

Everyone groaned in surprise. The trivial matters of the fame and fortune are very audible.

The lady on the right asked: “There is still a grassland at the north of Fan Erye’s home?”

The wife opposite looked at Fan Lian and smiled at the lady: “Not only the grassland, but also several mountains and his own guard. Fan Jiabao, the frontier king! Whoever marries him, it is the princess!”

The lady was said to have moved her heart and blushed. She could not see the modern gentleman Fan Lian. The family was doing such a primitive business.

Fan Lian said with a smile: “What frontier king, what year and month is this name, now it is gone! When the Japanese came, they robbed my family of a big Zhuangzi, and the children of the family beat them every day. I am a scholar I am most afraid of these knives and guns. No, I took my brother and sister to Peiping and asked my sister to vote for refuge. “

Cheng Fengtai took a breath, squinted out the smoke and scolded: “You still have this on your face, it’s useless! You don’t keep it at home, only know that it is handed to the people below! The Japanese dare to move one if you change me Try the grass? Don’t poke them out! “

Fan Lian nodded and said with a smile: “Of course. Who doesn’t know the temper of your 2nd Master Cheng, a living bandit.”

The ladies were not interested in the war in their home country, and when they knew the details, they quipped: “Lian Ge did not win tonight. No wonder crying poor. Don’t believe him. The soldiers of the Fan family can fight against the Japanese, can it be worse? ? He, he has been studying outside for a few years. The world of flowers has become accustomed to, and then he returns to Fanjiabao’s wilderness.

Fan Lian didn’t refute with a smile, it was probably right.

The wife at the other table turned back and asked Fan Lian: “Mr. Fan Er, how is the marriage of Miss Jin Ling and Mr. Shengliu Liu? There is no record? When do you eat wedding wine?”

Cheng Fengtai said, “Yes, what happened to Jin Ling? Your sister asked me beforehand-she asked me about your family. Oh …”

Fan Lian shook his head impatiently: “Don’t mention it, don’t mention it anymore. I’m solemnly announcing that my sister Fan Jinling has nothing to do with Shengliu son Sheng Ziyun-except for studying in a class- It doesn’t matter. It’s still a marriage thing! Where’s the marriage thing ?! Which gossip from the good guy? Bad my sister’s reputation! “

Cheng Fengtai, a good deed, raised his eyebrows and refused to admit it.

Fan Lian’s words caused a lot of speculation and curiosity. The people in the house all put their ears up to wait for him to make a final conclusion, even the sound of shuffling cards was quiet. But Fan Lian fell silent, and stopped talking, showing that there was something inconvenient to say inside.

Cheng Fengtai couldn’t bear it first. Shengli son Sheng Ziyun was the younger brother of his old classmate. He came to Beijing to study, and he was responsible for his guardianship: “What’s wrong with the Sheng family kid?”

Fan Lian said: “Six children of the Sheng family … Hey, slowly say that my sister can’t look down on him, that is, I can’t ask for such an aunt.”

“Oh, you’re going to die me! What’s wrong with Master Yun?”

Fan Lian played a card, looked around and was surprised, “Why don’t you all know? Sheng Ziyun took the show.”

Everyone sighed for a while, lamenting that Shu Shulang did not learn well.

Cheng Fengtai said: “Holding a playman? Such a half-size child, holding a playman?”

Fan Lian grimaced: “Ah! Don’t just hold it! Do you know who is holding it? Shang Xirui is holding it! Every day he ran into the theater and wrote a biography of Shang Xirui in the newspaper, writing crazy Everything! “

Everyone sighed again. In the hands of the famous Shang Xirui, the child was ruined.

Cheng Fengtai said: “Shang Xirui? It’s him again!”

Fan Lian said: “Brother-in-law knows him if he doesn’t listen to the drama?”

Cheng Fengtai said: “Well, Beiping’s first Dan, who doesn’t know? I know more.”

Others laughed and said, “Then the second lord told us something?” “The second lord Cheng is just a gossip.”

Cheng Fengtai shook his head: “Some people called him Su Daji, some people called him Ma Wencai. That’s not good. Chachaer, I’ll touch another one for Brother.”

Mrs. Liu at the side beat Cheng Fengtai’s hand: “It is forbidden to let Miss Three touch it anymore, she will win if you touch it.”

Cheng Fengtai looked at her and smiled slightly: “So, Mrs. Liu touched me one?”

His words were deliberately ambiguous, causing people around to laugh, and they all knew that Cheng Fengtai’s mouth was not on the spectrum, and no one was more true to him. Mrs. Liu chewed him with a blush. In the distance, Mr. Liu laughed with hate when he heard it, and came over and shoved Cheng Fengtai fiercely: “Er Cheng Cheng! I don’t know how serious it is. Be careful, I will tell my grandma.”

Fan Lian said with a smile: “I told Bai to tell me where my sister can control him!”

After a while of playfulness, he pulled the conversation back to the scandals of Sheng Ziyun and Shang Xirui, but no one had paid attention to Miss Fan Jinling.

Cheng Fengtai said: “Sheng Ziyun came to Peiping to study, he was good, he took the show! That thing cost more money than visiting the kiln. His brother knew that I must have brought him bad. I came back to ask me about the price of Peking To what extent, it must be that the younger brother and the family are asking for money. He is suspicious.-Brother Lian, you said, is this business Xirui, in the end is Su Daji or Ma Wencai? Such a scourge. “

Others say that Shang Xirui must bring a lot of legendary color, and most of them are hearsay. The true ingredients are still to be discussed. Fan Lian said that Shang Xirui has high credibility. Because when these anecdotes happened, he was in Pingyang. Moreover, he is a half-brother of the second grandmother. He is also a relative with Chang Zhixin, and a relative without blood.

Fan Lian said: “I said, Shang Xirui is both Su Daji and Ma Wencai. At that time, in Pingyang, hey! It was hilarious! Shang Xirui and my cousin parted ways, and the Pingyang Pingyang line broke out. Pingyang is different from you in Shanghai. It ’s a joke there! At present, which one the president has changed, the people may not know; which drama has been sung by which horn, they count more clearly than the family tree. If you do n’t sing, it ’s as if the ordinary people in Pingyang are guilty of big cigarette addictions — there were fights every day on the streets for a while — they did n’t listen, they were irritable, and they got angry by fighting. ”

The things in Pingyang had been turned over and over and talked about countless times, but every time they mentioned it, everyone was still excited.

Someone asked: “They split up, why should Li Yuan act collectively?”

Fan Lian said: “You think, the two horns who hold the ears each have a vote of supporters. When the two fought, their respective men helped each other, and they turned upside down, making a lot of noise! ​​Especially in their Shuiyun Tower. At that time, it was divided into two factions, and the internal strife was fierce. The day my cousin and my cousin left Pingyang, Shang Xirui couldn’t think of it. He ran to the bell tower and sang a day and night scene. His bright voice, it can be regarded as After a long drought, Ganlin saved the lives of the people in Pingyang. The people all over the city stood under the bell tower and listened to the play and called him well. The roads were tightly closed, and the market sales were not done. It’s was Open. Shang Xirui sang and coughed up blood. He told him to come down. He walked up the edge, as if he was about to jump off the building, but bluffing. Finally, Zhang Dashuai went to the clock tower to tease him like a cat-Zhang Dashuai It was about that time that he took a fancy to him. “

Cheng Fengtai said with heart, first Zhang Dashuai, then Commander Cao. This Shang Xirui can hook a prince of each party every time he ascends, and he does not know who is next.

“It is said that Shang Xirui was crazy at that time, really?”

Fan Lian said: “It’s hard to say if you’re crazy or not. Anyway, I looked pretty choking. Dashuai took him from the clock tower and took him to Dashuai’s mansion. Then I left Pingyang and never saw him again.

Although the protagonists of this segment are two males, they are very romantic and moving, and all the female guests present have a fascinating expression on their faces. But there are also unscrupulous, jealous of Shang Xirui’s extraordinary charm, and said sourly: “Zhang Dashuai was encountering a white tiger star! Asking for bitter taste. Otherwise, why did you say that Zhang Dashuai lost to Commander Cao? “

Cheng Fengtai was very interested: “Mrs. Han, let me talk about how Zhang Dashuai lost to my brother-in-law?”

Mrs. Han only remembered that Commander Cao’s uncle was present, and suddenly softened and laughed: “I also heard others say, don’t let the second grandfather reach the commander’s ears, what do our women’s families know?-I heard Ah, at that time, the two sides had almost no military strength. But Zhang Dashuai was fascinated by Shang Xirui, who didn’t know what medicine he had made to give Zhang Dashuai to eat, confused, and could n’t get up in bed. The soldiers lost like a mountain. Didn’t Commander Cao pay Master Zhang ’s 30,000 soldiers? If the leader is sober, can he surrender without finishing the soldiers? ”

Cheng Fengtai said in surprise: “There is still such a thing! Shang Xirui’s efforts, don’t let Daji not be inferior!”

Mrs. Han’s eyes squinted: “What a kung fu, scourge! You guys, love to try something new. Shang Xirui will pretend to be a play, for a while, Wang Baochuan and Yang Guifei for a while.

Cheng Fengtai squinted at Mrs. Han with a smile, listening seriously. Mrs. Han had forgotten what he said afterwards, her eyes entangled involuntarily. This is the case of Cheng Fengtai, often ignoring the time and place of Mrs. He and Mrs. He, frowning, causing others to squeeze a sweat for him.

Fan Lian glared at Cheng Fengtai and coughed twice, meaning that you, brother-in-law, keep it away. When there are so many people, you will be killed by her husband sooner or later.

At first sight, Fan Lian and Cheng Fengtai shared the same smell, and were even closer than sister. Cheng Fengtai had an affair outside. He also helped to hide his sister, so that the second grandmother did not believe this younger brother, and regarded him as an accomplice in disguise.

Someone asked Fan Lian: “So now, Jiang Mengping is not singing?”

Fan Lian said: “She really doesn’t sing. Chang Zhixin, wherever he has a bite, where would his cousin show his head. Besides, the cousin would not dare to come out, afraid that Shang Xirui would look bad.”

Cheng Fengtai smiled: “It’s been a few years since the transition, and Shang Xirui is so vigorous and still thinking? Let’s talk about a little drama, and find the anger of your Fan family relatives? Does he have this ability?”

Fan Lian said: “I don’t know? The little drama might be patient. When something happened, the sister turned around, and my sister-in-law was also disheartened and cold. To compensate him. Then one day, Chang Zhixin and I took care of my cousin and returned to the background to pick up something. The little child learning to play saw her and shouted with joy, which happened to be heard by Shang Xirui. Shang Xirui Angrily picked up the curtain from the outside and hit the face, tore the skin on the spot, pounced and pulled and dragged the couple into the street. A young master’s house in Changzhi, where can I stand this, dignity! It’s really a place where there is no tile on the top, and there is no standing cone on the bottom … “

Cheng Fengtai loved to listen to nonsense in his life, and immediately regretted: “I didn’t catch up with that time, otherwise I had to learn a lesson from this lesson. It’s just splashing …” , Changed his mouth and said: “It’s just beating!”

Fan Lian said with a smile: “You still taught him, he was so powerful, you haven’t seen how Shang Xiru cursed people.”

Cheng Fengtai grinned fiercely: “He dare!” And said again: “You were in Pingyang, and watched Shang Xirui bully people?”

Fan Lian pushed the glasses and smiled: “This matter, as soon as it comes, emotional disputes, outsiders are not easy to mix. Chang Zhixin Ning can leave Pingyang and don’t want me to help. Moreover, Shang Xirui-this is a hate Man is also a poor person, I ca n’t stop! “

Fan Lian ’s code of conduct is to stand by and watch the right and wrong, and even a drama is not willing to offend easily, and Cheng Fengtai is two different personalities.

Cheng Fengtai snorted and expressed doubt about Shang Xirui’s pitiful place. Hearing from the beginning to the end, he heard Shang Xirui’s fierceness. There is no trace of pity. If he is also pitiful to the sister’s falling flowers intentionally and is merciless, then there are too many poor people in the world-there is a pitiful place for anyone to be frustrated. At that time, Cheng Fengtai had no good impression of Shang Xirui even though he was not envious.

Shang Xirui is a person in the rumor, and his actions are legendary, as if far away from Cheng Fengtai.