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[WTATFIL] Chapter 11 – Your Person*


TL: Moon Flower

PR: Confuzzled

MF: brother broke his laptop last week and he’s been using mine so c11 was a bit late in coming out. the laptop is fixed now so yay

Warning: A little bit of gore present in this chapter. 

*clarification on title. Similar to those overbearing CEO novels where the CEO says so-and-so is my woman but instead here it’s as if the woman is speaking and saying I am so-and-so CEO’s woman, hence, your person (instead of so-and-so CEO’s woman). 

Gu JianShen looked at the small child in his arms with interest. 

He didn’t open his eyes. The long eyelashes slightly trembled similar to the wings of a cicada. Following, the tender lips slightly opened and said two words similar to an autumn gale sweeping away fallen leaves: “Be quiet.”

The smile in Gu JianShen’s eyes became deeper. His voice became increasingly gentle and affectionate: “If it is ShiShu, then maybe*.”

*friendly reminder: previously SQX said he was going to go to sleep in GJS’s arms. GJS sees SQX’s long eyelashes and fair face etc and leans towards SQX’s ears and says ‘ShiShu are you seducing me’ and here we are. The “maybe” here is saying something along the lines ‘if it’s ShiShu then I am willing to be seduced’ or something like that. 

Shen QingXian opened his eyes, the pupil of his eyes that could clearly distinguish between black and white, reflected Gu JianShen. 

The two stared at one another, neither relenting. 

Su Yu turned around to look at them: “What’s wrong?”

Shen QingXian raised his voice: “Let me down.”

Gu JianShen jokingly asked: “Young master, you’re not tired anymore?”

Shen QingXian slightly used some force to free himself from Gu JianShen’s hug. He walked forward with big steps and didn’t even turn around so naturally he also did not give a reply. 

Su Yu pacing slowed and walked towards Gu JianShen’s side. He quietly asked: “What’s happened to Chao Yan?”

Gu JianShen raised his lips: “It was this subordinate who made him unhappy.”

Su Yu curiously asked: “Older brother Qing Shen, what did you do?”

Gu JianShen stared at the small figure up ahead and gave a smile that had an unknown meaning: “Didn’t do anything.” Just said a few words that had a deeper meaning behind them.

Su Yu was bewildered but he could clearly see that Chao Yan was actually angry, he reckoned that he was throwing a tantrum at older brother Qing Shen…….

Aiya…….thinking of this, the small peach blossom was again assaulted by cuteness!

In reality, the two were thinking too much. It’s just that His Excellency, the Esteemed Lord had finished the task so he seized the opportunity to leave. 

As for Gu JianShen’s few words, why would he take it to heart?

Seduce? Hehe*, if he (GJS) switched back to red eyes then he could consider it.

*sfx for laughing here

Maybe*. This ugly**. He’s (GJS) okay but he’s (SQX) not okay with it. 

*this maybe is referring to the maybe GJS said above about ‘if it’s ShiShu then maybe (i am willing to seduced or something like that)’

**this ugly is referring to gjs’s blue eyes that sqx sees as ugly

The “awkwardness” persisted till noon. The whole morning, Shen QingXian did not talk to Gu JianShen. On the other hand, Su Yu ran to both sides to talk but the more he talked, the more he realized that the matter between the two master and servant was something that he, an outsider, could not intervene in!

Moonset Secret Realm was not a peaceful place. The whole morning, nothing happened because Gu JianShen released some Spiritual Qi so ordinary beasts wouldn’t dare come close. 

But the deeper one went, the more danger there was.

When the sun was hanging right in the middle of the sky, a sharp cry of alarm resonated through the sky!

Su Yu immediately gripped his dagger, rapt with attention. 

Just when Shen QingXian looked over, Gu JianShen walked over to carry him (SQX) in his (GJS) arms. 

Shen QingXian looked at the man. 

Gu JianShen looked straight ahead: “Young master’s body is weak, request that you be more careful.”

This setting was really useful.

Su Yu also said: “Chao Yan, don’t take a step forward!” With the experience from before, he had become even more cautious.

In the blink of an eye, accompanied by the scent of blood that assaulted one’s nose, a few silhouettes that cut a sorry figure appeared in front of them. 

It was three males and two females all dressed in the manner of cultivators. Looking at how their clothes were quite exquisite, they were probably not independent cultivators who had no one to rely on. 

One of the man’s, the one at the head of the group, hair was dispersed and he had fresh blood trailing down his forehead. Because of excessive blood loss, his complexion was wan and sallow. Supporting him was a slender woman who was no better. Her whole body was covered in blood, maybe it’s from the man beside her, maybe it’s her own. In any case, she also looked flustered and frightened. 

The other female and two males were also extremely haggard. The female’s arm was injured and one of the male’s clothing was shredded at the chest. As for the last person, he seemed to be dragged along the floor, turns out his leg(s) was broken!

The five people’s appearance was really too miserable. Whoever saw would feel pity for them. 

Su Yu had a pure and benevolent inherent quality. At this moment, he was already worried.  

“Run!” The man at the head yelled with a hoarse voice, “Quickly run!”

Right after he finished yelling, Su Yu heard a sound that shook the earth. Immediately following, a fierce beast as tall as a hill appeared in front of him. 

This giant beast was enormous and extremely formidable. Its eyes were as big as silver plates, its teeth were similar to a sharp longsword, and when its four limbs landed on the ground, a rumbling that could shake the heavens sounded!

Su Yu was stunned. Compared to this fierce beast, the snowflake he met before was practically a cute thing!

–Gore up ahead–

Su Yu responded very quickly, he turned around and ran: “Chao Yan, older brother Qing Shen! Quickly run!”

Definitely can’t defeat it, 100% can’t defeat it, impossible to defeat it!

“Ah!” A blood-curdling scream was heard. The man from earlier whose leg(s) was broken was eaten alive by the giant beast!

The man and woman at his side were scared stupid, their face were full of fear and they cried out in alarm: “No…….don’t…….” 

The fierce beast slapped a palm down and the two became a muddy flesh. 

The scene exceptionally reeked of blood, mushy flesh mixed with fresh blood, and was accompanied with a “Puchi” sound that made one feel nauseous. Everything had become a pile of unknown matter…….

Su Yu saw the whole process. His small face immediately paled and even his lips drifted towards transparency. 

Gu JianShen lowered his gaze to look at the small child in his arms and in a soft and low voice: “The Esteemed Lord is really merciless.” Other people couldn’t see but Gu JianShen was able to see clearly. Although those few people were doomed to be unable to escape, it didn’t mean that they would not be able to run. It was Shen QingXian who obstructed them.

Shen QingXian’s complexion was tranquil: “Guilty, deserve to be punished.”

Gu JianShen laughed a bit: “Is this really okay? That small peach blossom has a pure spirit constitution.”

Shen QingXian glanced at him: “Then what does Your Majesty think should’ve been done?”

Gu JianShen said: “Carefully protect and pamper well.”

Shen QingXian stared at him: “Live in a greenhouse*?”

*the meaning of this comes from the chinese phrase 温室里的花朵 (the flower in the greenhouse) means that because the flower is grown in the greenhouse which is warm all year long, when the flower is let out into the cold it will immediately die because it’s not used to the cold after staying in the warmth for so long. Used to describe a spoiled person who knows nothing of the world. 

“Is that not good?”

Shen QingXian’s pitch-black eyes were still as tranquil as a pond:  “No.”

The corner of Gu JianShen’s thin lips slightly rose: “The Heavenly Dao is heartless. ShiShu is worthy of being called Heavenly Dao’s number one.” 

While the two were conversing, the fierce beast had also caught up to the two people at the head. Seeing that they were about to lose their life here, Su Yu clenched his teeth and turned around. He grabbed onto the woman and pulled her out of the beast’s mouth!

The woman had not recovered from the shock. Her face was full of tears from the fright and while shivering uncontrollably, said: “Help…….help me…….” 

The position at which Su Yu was at was already within the attack range of the fierce beast! The small peach blossom didn’t run. He stood where he was and pulled out a longsword, wanting to fight to death with the fierce beast. 

However, it was as if the fierce beast was not interested in him at all and only intent on killing the woman. 

Due to the anxiety, Su Yu’s forehead was covered in sweat but he didn’t shrink back. He used brute force and clumsy attacks to protect the woman who was covered in blood. 

The fierce beast was finally infuriated by him and turned around to start attacking him. 

But when they confronted one another, Su Yu felt that the distance between him and the beast was too great. 

An earth shattering pressure came and the incapability to exceed the chasm smashed his confidence to fight.

He stared blankly and the fierce beast’s sharp claws were already right in front of his eyes…….

In the time it took to light up a flint, a dark blue longsword unexpectedly appeared in front of him. Su Yu’s eyes widened and he looked at the man who used a thin sword to fight against the ten thousand ton fierce beast. 

“Older…….older brother Qing Shen…….”

In a low voice, Gu JianShen said: “Move back.”

Su Yu staggered as he got up. He ran away for a while and when he turned around to look back, he saw an unforgettable scene. 

The fierce beast was strong but the man was even stronger. 

The longsword danced in the breeze and the azure rays of light were similar to a dragon in the waters. 

It turned out that fighting can be this beautiful…….

It did not take long but to the Esteemed Emperor JiuYuan, the time he took was already long enough to become a joke. 

But after all, his cultivation was restricted so using a little more time was relatively in accordance with reality.  

The giant beast fell down with a loud rumble and Su Yu finally snapped out of it. 

Gu JianShen drew near him to ask: “Young master Su Yu, are you okay?”

Su Yu slowly collected his thoughts: “Tha….thank you, older brother Qing Shen.”

With a slight smile, Gu JianShen said: “It was young master’s order, you should thank the young master.”

Su Yu turned his head and looked at Chao Yan who was behind him. 

Shen QingXian slightly narrowed his eyes and glared at Gu JianShen.

Gu JianShen pretended to not see. 

Su Yu gently sighed and was just about to open his mouth to say something when the woman covered in blood unexpectedly stood up trembling and ran towards the direction she had come from. 

“Where are you going!” Su Yu hurriedly stood up wanting to pull her to a stop. 

That woman had suffered serious injuries and should not have been able to move yet. It was as if she was lured by something. Her mind drove her body and she, unsteadily but excitedly, ran towards the rear direction. 

Su Yu ran after her: “Don’t run anymore. Your body won’t be able to take it!”

The female couldn’t hear anything. She excitedly murmured: “It’s mine, it’s all mine, they’re all mine!”

She ran very fast. Su Yu was worried about her so he simply followed her. 

Gu JianShen asked Shen QingXian: “Not going to stop him?”

Shen QingXian raised his head to look at him: “Esteemed Emperor is so soft hearted?”

His Excellency, the Esteemed Emperor who had always had good self-restraint, at this moment, the corner of his mouth twitched.  

Shen QingXian, who raised a leg to follow, said: “Restrain that senseless sympathetic heart of yours. What needs to be faced can only be faced.”

The corner of Gu JianShen’s mouth rose and he followed behind him (SQX): “Is the Esteemed Lord always so heartless with his people?”

Shen QingXian didn’t look at thim: “I heard that Esteemed Emperor JiuYuan used blood to practice the demonic path. Slaughtering myriads of living creatures, the corpses could fill up an entire sea.” 

Without a change to his expression, Gu JianShen said: “However, I am very good to my people.”

Shen QingXian looked at him: “Su Yu is your people?”

Gu JianShen stared at him. Suddenly, the color of his azure eyes faded and slowly gave rise to a bright-red and after it dominated his pupil, he slowly said in a low voice: “……You are。”

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