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[WTATFIL] Chapter 4 – Immortals Fighting (Mutual Teasing)


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A slender and even hand bone was clearly attached to the jade pot, which appeared fresh and limpid.

As Gu JianShen slightly turned his body sideways, the dark colored pattern on his fluttering crimson sleeves scintillated, and the good wine was poured, looking particularly marvelous beyond comparison like the waning Milky Way.

Shen QingXian humbly nodded his head as he politely thanked: “Many thanks.”

Gu JianShen raised his lips, and his smile warmed the faint mist present in the entire Palace Hall: “Please.”

Shen QingXian accepted the wine cup and sipped it. His bearing was elegant and refined, hoisting the liquid as if it wasn’t an immoral object which intoxicated people, but a dignified, sacred and ethereal Dao ritual.

Recalling that it was actually wine, the holiness was enshrouded by the thin and nebulous muslin, giving the impression of having lacerated it.

Gu JianShen’s smile deepened. After Shen QingXian put down the glass, he filled it again: “Esteemed Lord, what do you think? Do you find it palatable?”

Shen QingXian replied: “Nourishing jade wine dew while the scent is rich and pure.”

Gu JianShen added more alcohol: “You are over flattering me.”

While the two were chatting cheerfully above, the hearts below were totally aching!

The eyes of Ye Zhan and the company were all green! This hoodlum of the Demonic Cultivation was unexpectedly attempting to make Esteemed Lord intoxicated vainly!

The eyes of Jian Lian and the rest were all red! This hypocritical and false White Lotus of a Shen unexpectedly let His Majesty serve him personally, again and again!

They soon clenched their fists, deeply ashamed.

–They were too incapable, even letting their Esteemed Lord (His Majesty) gall shame and deep humiliation!

Two drinks later, Shen QingXian felt somewhat anxious. The wine was good, the taste was excellent, the Spiritual Qi was abundant and the smell deserved of being rated as unique.

Except that, it was written to compotate and get tipsy together on the jade scroll.

But Gu JianShen wasn’t drinking. Moreover, did he not only have to force him to drink, but also get him inebriated, so this mission couldn’t be easily carried out.

Since they reached the state of being entitled as Gods, their alcohol tolerance was not worth mentioning.

No matter whether they had a good alcohol capacity or a bad one, only the word ‘high’ from high cultivation was important.

Even if he didn’t drink anything for the past thousands years, and took thousands cups of wine now, he wouldn’t get tipsy.

As for how Gu JianShen behaved, Shen QingXian put himself in his place and pondered for a moment. It looked like that not even ten thousand cups would work.

How could it be good?

Shen QingXian frowned, heartrending the Heavenly Dao’s disciples below even more.

How could they be that inapt! How could they be that trashy! How could they let their Esteemed Lord feel wronged!

Don’t mention Ye Zhan who was an ardently loyal personnel, even Zeng ZiLiang with his type of disposition was anguished at this mistreatment and soon going on rage.

However, they didn’t dare to take rash actions, not wanting to nuke Esteemed Lord’s benevolent heart towards them

Shen QingXian mulled it over, and then decided to try out first, ascertaining if he could achieve the objective of ‘getting drunk together’.

After Gu JianShen squirted some wine for him, Shen QingXian inquired: “Your Majesty won’t drink?”

Gu JianShen paused.

Shen QingXian took the opportunity to pass him a cup continuing: “Such an excellent wine, why don’t you accompany me?”

Thus, Gu JianShen poured wine for himself, held it up and toasted: “Since Esteemed Lord wishes so, then this one won’t refuse it.”

Finished talking, he raised his head and emptied the glass in one gulp with an unhampered and headstrong attitude. Without him noticing, his sleeves slid, exposing his fair and clear yet sturdy arms. Really eye-catching.

Shen QingXian refilled his cup while smilingly pronouncing: “His Majesty is frank.”

Gu JianShen laughed gently, drinking another glass.

This time, it was the Heart Domain’s followers whose hearts were bleeding.

White Lotus Shen was truly pushing people too hard! He didn’t just make His Majesty act as a servant, but let him quaff along too!

Such an opinionless person of the Heavenly Dao like him, how could he be so rampant and complacent!

After Shen QingXian and Gu JianShen each drank a wine cup and kept on toasting, the two guzzled several jars already.

The two groups downwards, were feeling distressed, and slowly, a ‘Solomon’ commenced a small talk.

Solomon: an intelligent/clever person

For example, on the Heavenly Dao side someone cleverly employed the Secret Transmission…

To explain it better, this kind of enchantment magic, Secret Transmission, couldn’t be concealed from each family’s DaLao.

Dalao: leader, big shot, boss… can also be written as LaoDa

In fact, if Shen QingXian wanted to listen, then he could distinctly hear the conversation between Zeng ZiLiang, Ye Zhang and the others.

But in normal circumstances, he wouldn’t hark, because this was an active spell, not a passive one. Moreover, there were a plethora of monks in this world, so it would be exhausting if DaLao had to listen to them all.

Hence, unless it wasn’t a special occasion, Shen QingXian wouldn’t meddle in their covert prate.

Apropos of Gu JianShen, because Shen QingXian was here and launched a protective screen, impeding any external intervention, he had no way to espy the words spoken by Zeng ZiLiang and company.

For the same reason, Shen QingXian was also unable to catch the sound of the small talk between Heart Domain’s believers, because Gu JianShen has assisted them with an insulating shield beforehand too.

Therefore, the gathering of each side smoothly started.

Zeng ZiLiang exclaimed: “Esteemed Lord is having a contest with that Demon Emperor!”

Ye Zhan angrily shouted: “Having a contest?! They are obviously compromising!”

Zeng ZiLiang blatted: “You are mistaken! What kind of person is Esteemed Lord? Although he is concerned about our safety and didn’t permit us to confront that Demon Emperor head-on, how can this competition not be counted as flashing their own cultivation?”

Cheng Jing’s deep voice commented: “Makes sense.”

The alcohol drunken by cultivators and mortals were naturally dissimilar.

The former’s brewed liquor overflowed with Spiritual Qi, thus the power comprised was stronger than commoner’s’ by who knew how many folds.

Everyone was conscious that the higher the cultivation, then the more tolerant they were to alcohol, so even if they didn’t descry any gunpowder of a battle, Esteemed Lord LianHua and Demon Emperor JiuYuan initiated a fight already!

BD: yeah I am having fun using strange words muhahaahhaha

Who was the first to get besotted, then he would also be the first to lose!

Even though no blood would be shed, as long as victory or defeat was certain, then it signified which and whose realm was better!

All the cultivators of Heavenly Dao believed Zeng ZiLiang!

That was right! There was nothing strange! It was exactly like this!

If there were Solomon here, then they were in Heart Domain’s side too. Surprisingly, their thoughts were unanimous. They all determined that His Majesty was fully battling for Heart Domain’s dignity and honor using the wine as a pretext.

And so, both sides were fired up, entirely convinced.

Suddenly, somebody provoked the other side with a raised cup, and the opposite party accepted the challenge immediately.

They couldn’t let their Esteemed Lord (His Majesty) struggle by himself. They must also join in the match!

They were unable to compete with the immortals, but they could deal with a hopeless army.

Stimulated, Ye Zhan, whose belly was full of fire early on, was willing to shoulder the responsibilities and took the lead in drinking the wine with a dashing spirit, not losing his reputation as the leader of the Meridian Monastery.

Jian Lian also promptly faced the enemy, and as the Chief Almsgiver of WeiXin Palace, he really didn’t know how to write the word ‘Defeat’.

While the two DaLao were ‘handling serious business’ above, the two parties below began to tussle around.

Momentarily, they were still fervent in ‘exchanging opinions’…

After ‘discussing’ for three days and three nights, there were no signs of getting tipsy on Shen QingXian and Gu JianShen. Howbeit, the people below have all collapsed without any exceptions.

Judging from the result, because some were kneeling and laughing, it was difficult to differentiate who won and who lost.

Shen QingXian examined the jade scroll and let out a sigh, aware that this task of getting boozed couldn’t be accomplished successfully.

How to get drunk, then…?

How to get drunk?

Gu JianShen observed: “Esteemed Lord’s alcohol tolerance is impressive.”

Shen QingXian stated: “Being tolerant is also not a good thing.”

For instance now, they couldn’t get high even if they wanted to.

Gu JianShen meaningfully questioned: “Esteemed Lord wishes to inebriate?”

Shen QingXian asked back: “What about Your Majesty?”

Gu JianShen enunciated: “If we treat each other as bosom friends, then you can request to get drunken. It would also be wonderful.”

Shen QingXian smiled while scrutinizing him: “Bosom friends?”

Gu JianShen called: “ShiShu?”

“Never mind.” Shen QingXian softly approved, “Let’s become bosom friends.”

However, there was more than just the apparent meaning in their speech.

Indeed, it wouldn’t be facile for them to get plastered, but it wasn’t insolvable either.

Their cultivation was so high that they had the power to nullify the wine effects, but if they suppressed it, then this spiritual wine could make them float like immortals.


The key problem lied in pushing down the cultivation, though.

Who was going to do it first? And how? And why? And after suppressing it, what next?

Shen QingXian would keep his cultivation under control because of the jade scroll, but what about Gu JianShen?

If he really got tipsy, what would Gu JianShen do?

It was very evident that he had rapacious intentions.

Hence, Shen QingXian couldn’t besot, otherwise he would be devoured by this wicked wolf.

Moreover, the two were simply swapping pleasantries.

Contrary to expectations… They both actually wanted to get drunk.

Unfortunately, they didn’t trust their new bosom friend, so they still haven’t reached the degree of getting intoxicated together.

Moreover, keeping on drinking will never end, and it was unreasonable to keep on going, since the followers below all fell asleep after ‘debating’.

Should he give up like that? Of course it was impossible.

The jade scroll has appointed him four assignments, of which he completed one solely.

He will temporarily ignore the last one, ‘You can’t have any killing intentions towards Gu JianShen’. As for the second indication, he had no other way to terminate it. In that case, the third task… ‘Tour the Fantastical Ashland and Astral Sea with Gu JianShen’, perhaps he could have a try?

As if they had an encounter of minds, as soon as Shen QingXian placed down the wine cup, Gu JianShen also let it go.

Shen QingXian proposed: “Let’s go out for a stroll?”

Gu JianShen agreed: “Alright.”

Although Shen QingXian wasn’t fond of this traitor of the WeiXin Path, he knew how to be tactful in heading here to discuss Dao, so his unhappiness dimmed in his heart.

However, if drinking together was problematic, then journeying the Fantastical Ashland and Astral Sea wasn’t simple too.

First of all… having a trip together wasn’t an issue, but those two territories were extremely enormous, therefore, to which extent did they have to roam?

In addition, from where?

Astral Sea belonged to the Heavenly Dao, whilst the Fantastical Ashland was under Heart Domain’s jurisdiction. Shen QingXian didn’t arrange any traps in the Astral Sea, but what about Gu JianShen?

Hence, Shen QingXian couldn’t not be on guard.

The two were standing on the borderline at this moment and Gu JianShen was unusually bright: “Let’s travel to the Astral Sea first.”

Shen QingXian stared at him, surprised: “Your Majesty…”

Gu JianShen glanced at him: “En?”

There was inwardness in Shen QingXian’s light colored eyes: “Aren’t you afraid you will be attacked by a hidden assassin in the azure area?”

Gu JianShen was quite blunt as he replied with a rhetorical question: “Esteemed Lord wants to set a deathtrap for me?”

The author has something to say:

Your Majesty, rest assured, where do you see that Esteemed Lord will set a deathtrap on you? He will even undress himself for you ne.

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