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[WTATFIL] Chapter 5 – Humiliating (Seducing) Demon Emperor Repeatedly


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Shen QingXian would have planned it erstwhile, but currently…

Even if he was itching in setting up a trap, because of that ‘4. You can’t have any killing intents towards Gu JianShen’ on the jade scroll, which hasn’t dislimned yet, and in fact was still shining, he couldn’t do anything.

Besides, reflecting carefully, he didn’t intend to harm Gu JianShen for now.

Therefore, he hooked his lips, and his smile was like the pure moon clearing up the sky: “Your Majesty, may you enjoy boundless longevity.”

Admittedly, this idiom was villainy. Albeit wishing someone to live long was appreciated in the secular world, in the cultivation boundary instead… It was similar to wishing an ordinary person to live for sixty years—there was no need to verbalize it, they will live for sixty years doubtlessly!

Fortunately, Gu JianShen didn’t wrangle over it, and was rather amused: “I trust you.”

… He was content as long as Shen QingXian’s words weren’t soaked with killing purposes.

Shen QingXian couldn’t help send him a look.

According to the Heart Domain’s hearsay, this Demon Emperor handled matters quite ruthlessly, his style of work was undisciplined, attained goals by fair means or fouls and was an extremely vicious and obdurate individual… At this moment, he resembled a beautiful flower with thousands of crimson peachy petals. Whenever he smiled, the petals would transform into drops of rain and pour down gorgeously.

Shen QingXian found the scenery considerably congenial to the eyes, and made a gesture of invitation with his hand: “Please.”

Since Gu JianShen ‘trusted’ him, then they would direct towards Astral Sea first.

Who knew if this Demon Emperor was prepared beforehand or really believed in him, but there wasn’t even a little bit of wavering when he trod in the Astral Sea.

The instant he set foot, blushing red rays collided with the cold azure sea-like surface, staging an enchanting scene.

Gu JianShen glanced at Shen QingXian: “Esteemed Lord?”

Shen QingXian recovered from absent-mindedness as he slowly intoned: “Near the Palace, Blooming Cotton Roses and Scented Breezy Water.”

BD: the author has cut the original poem short. Basically it means that, the woman’s beauty is way better looking than the blooming cotton roses and the scent that the breeze carries around near the water of the palace something like that.

Gu JianShen stopped.

Luckily, the Heart Domain’s residents weren’t present, or else they would have burst into smoke and fire all day long.

This White Lotus Shen was actually humiliating (seducing) Demon Emperor time and again!

Gu JianShen was a man! And a successful and supreme overlord at that, who could overturn all the other opponents of the Heart Domain. Nevertheless, he has repeatedly compared him to a woman! So how could they endure it? Even using both hands to tear White Lotus Shen wouldn’t be enough!

Finished reciting, Shen QingXian felt somewhat regretful, and apologized: “Pardon me, I offended you.”

Gu JianShen slightly raised his lips, not angry: “When did you ever offend me? Being fancied by Esteemed Lord is this one’s great fortune.”

Shen QingXian softly chuckled, switching topic: “Let’s go, I will lead you around.”

Astral Sea was an intriguing place. Neither describing it as ‘sea’ and nor as ‘astral’ were accurate.

The entire pale blue ground was made of precious mineral substance. Moreover, it was watery, so low level cultivators would be swallowed down if they stepped on it, and be fused together with the mineral.

Obviously, it didn’t cause any troubles to the two, Shen QingXian and Gu JianShen.

Astral Sea was uninhabitable, even living creatures didn’t occupy this spacious land. It couldn’t be denied that it was a breathtaking scenery, too bad that it was too bleak.

The two people didn’t converse much either.

It was unknown what they were both roughly cogitating about in their hearts.

Shen QingXian was analyzing the jade scroll over and over, questioning how far they had to maunder the Astral Sea.

The main points of the so-called ‘touring together’ were ‘tour’ and ‘together’.

There were multiple connotations related to the word ‘tour’.

But it should be sufficient as long as they moved and sightsaw for a while.

After they legged for some time, Shen QingXian propounded: “Astral Sea is cold and desolate, shall we visit Fantastical Ashland?”

Gu JianShen opined: “Although chilly, having a trip with Esteemed Lord is seriously delightful. I still wish to walk around the Astral Sea more.”

This conventional speech was pleasant to the ear, nonetheless Shen QingXian didn’t take it to heart.

After leaving the Astral Sea, they reached the Fantastical Ashland.

Like the Astral Sea, Fantastical Ashland was also composed of unique minerals.

Both terrains were jostling in the center and never gave way to the other side. Considering it more attentively, it was rather interesting.

The Astral Sea looked clean whilst the Fantastical Ashland appeared obscure.

However, the effect was identical. Once it was touched, low level cultivators would be engulfed.

Shen QingXian distrusted Gu JianShen, but he didn’t qualm, because a sudden ambush in Fantastical Ashland didn’t represent a big threat to him, and it would be quite a novelty if he could be shackled.

After his first foot landed, his wrist was gripped.

Shen QingXian was startled, and turned his head to shoot a glance at Gu JianShen.

Gu JianShen entreated: “Esteemed Lord, please wait a moment.”

As soon as his words fell, rosy clouds tips arose, looking like a shiny scorching sun hung in the middle of the deep night, of which lustrous and alluring rays dazzled the sight, forming a stunning aurora view.

Shen QingXian didn’t remain perplexed by this appearance, because he perceived something gold in this redness.

Dragon cries spread throughout the sky. The mighty Golden Dragon was floating in midair. Its pupils were profound like the sea as it displayed its fierce and tough claws ostentatiously.

This kind of Mythological Beast could truly frighten people.

However, Shen QingXian’s face didn’t change in the slightest, only his eyes were sparkling.

He really liked those colors.

Warm tones… such as gold and red, both shades he loved.

Gu JianShen added: “Although it cannot enter the Astral Sea, we still can fly over Fantastical Ashland.”

Afterwards, he clutched Shen QingXian and jumped on the Golden Dragon.

This haughty and despotic Golden Dragon was docile towards Gu JianShen, even toadying to him through grunts.

Gu JianShen disregarded it, fixing his eyes on Shen QingXian instead.

Shen QingXian was inspecting the golden dragon scales of the Golden Dragon.

Gu JianShen inquired: “Does it fit to your taste?”

Shen QingXian answered: “Yes, very beauteous.”

Gu JianShen stated: “What a pity it has no access to the Astral Sea.”

Shen QingXian agreed: “Truly lamentable.”

Gu JianShen suggested meaningfully: “Perchance, Esteemed Lord could come to Fantastical Ashland often.”

Shen QingXian waved his hand, smiled and didn’t comment.

Gu JianShen didn’t insist either and raised his hands. A jade table and two rush cushions appeared on the dragon’s back.

“Esteemed Lord, please.”

Shen QingXian accommodated himself as he gave his thanks: “I have bothered Your Majesty.”

Gu JianShen assured: “It’s nothing.”

The scarlet wine and orange fruits on the jade table were especially spectacular.

Shen QingXian wasn’t modest either. In fact, he pinched a fruit as he studied the splendid liquid flowing out.

Gu JianShen introduced: “This is a specialty from the Heart Domain, ChengHua Fruit.”

chenghua: orange flower/blossom/colored

In reality, this fruit wasn’t succulent at all, except that it was only attractive and particularly lucent, resembling a tiny sun.

Shen QingXian kept on staring at the fruits, and couldn’t shift his eyes, poked by their brightness.

Gu JianShen’s expression just carried a smile, not uttering anything.

The Golden Dragon flew quickly and steadily. It seemed to be staying on the ground while sitting on its back, and it wasn’t bumpy.

Gu JianShen started to list out Fantastical Ashland’s distinguishing features in a few words, but Shen QingXian didn’t pay attention to him as he continued to scrutinize the ‘tiny suns’ ne.

This touring was a genuine one. The Golden Dragon has flown throughout the Fantastical Ashland.

When they returned to the original spot, Shen QingXian realized that he has misinterpreted ‘tour together’ written on the jade scroll.

Apparently, ‘tour’ was an abbreviation of ‘tour everywhere’.

Even though he has traveled in both sides, the mission wasn’t fulfilled yet.

Therefore, should he invite Gu JianShen to have another stroll in Astral Sea again?

Shen QingXian didn’t want to open his mouth.

But even if didn’t want to, he must comply. Moreover, it would be too strange if he didn’t ask him again.

Hence, Shen QingXian worded: “Your Majesty’s sincerity makes this one blush with shame. How about we saunter the Astral Sea once more? This time, I…”

He couldn’t finish the sentence as he abruptly paused.

The two volted their faces towards where the ‘Dao debate’ took place.

Gu JianShen observed: “It seems we need to go back first.”

Shen QingXian felt helpless.

In the Palace Hall, the disciples of both the Heavenly Dao and the Heart Domain were scuffling!

The motive?

After sobering up, they couldn’t find their own LaoDa!

The author has something to say:

Heavenly Dao & Heart Domain: As soon as we woke up, LaoDa was captured away! Dumbfounded!!

I feel guilty. The lid of my cooking pot fled.

Thank you for the support.


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