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[WTATFIL] Chapter 7 – Moonset Secret Realm


TL: Moon Flower

PR: Confuzzled

Praise Gu JianShen’s eyes? Ask for the Golden Dragon?

If the person dies, he could probably praise them…….

Just as he was thinking this, as if trying to make the best of its last breath, the Jade Scroll spitted out another line.

“P.P.S: He must be alive!”

Shen QingXian became very repentant.

For the time being, Shen QingXian didn’t want to complete these two tasks. Right after they separated, he goes back just to praise Gu JianShen’s eyes and ask for his Golden Dragon, he would be deemed as an insane person, and he didn’t want that.

This last task…….arrive at Moonset Secret Realm in five days? He can do this first.

But, which secret realm is this Moonset Secret Realm?

You can’t blame Shen QingXian for not knowing. Afterall, this was a cultivation world. If you look at this mainland, there were numerous secret realms, and small dimensions can be found everywhere. As for those not particularly prominent ones, how could Shen QingXian, this DaLao, remember?

Shen QingXian could use Divine Knowledge and sweep the area to determine its location but this would raise a commotion. Also, if a low-level cultivator was swept, there would be some damage done to their mind.

However, Esteemed Lord LianHua was a kindhearted person.

Shen QingXian called over Zeng ZiLiang.

Old Zeng was suddenly summoned. He was so anxious that he started walking with the same hands and feet movement . Almost having his disciples come over and hook onto his (ZZL) hands on both of his (ZZL) sides to help him (ZZL) walk properly!

老曾 – Old Zeng. 老 here is not saying that ZZL is old, here it is similar to adding 小 or 儿 to the front and back, respectively, of someone’s name. 老 can be used in different relationships: friends, parent-child (in which children call their parents 老爸 or 老妈, not recommended though if the child is young, okay to use if the “child” is around 30 or older, then they can use 老爸 or 老妈 to call their dad and mom, respectively, although most parents like to be called differently since it implies that they are getting old). Here, it’s just the author calling which is fine since it’s their character and is a form of endearment.

MF: i don’t think i explained the hooking arm well so here is a pic of what i mean. The girl (she’s Song ZuEr for anyone curious) in the middle would be ZZL and her two assistants on the side would ZZL’s disciples.

The closer he neared WanXiu Mountain, the more nervous Zeng ZiLiang became.

He was not Ye Zhan who had a one-track mind nor Cheng Jing who paid no attention to the world’s affairs. Amongst the six, he had the most experience and the greatest ambitions.

If you have a bad conscience, it’s natural you will have more things to be afraid of.

As WanXiu Mountain’s name implied, the mist coil around the bamboo and the verdant peaks of the mountain set off the flower that was as red as a burning flame. It was beautiful as if it was not of this world.

MF: friendly reminder: 万(wan) – myriad, thousand. 秀(xiu) – beautiful, elegant. 山 – mountain.

MF: ok, i’m reading between the lines of these two phrases (山烟饶竹、青花欲燃) and idk if there are any typos in the raw. I did a Google search and found a poem that had the phrase 山青花欲燃 (The verdant peaks of the mountain set off the flower that is as red as a burning flame) which is close to the phrase in the raw.

However, Zeng ZiLiang did not have any thoughts of admiring the scenery.

At the last step of the stairs, Old Zeng’s back was already wet with sweat.

Outside the hall, a small child with rosy lips and pretty white teeth saluted him: “Sect Leader, please.”

At the level Zeng ZiLiang’s cultivation was at, naturally he was able to discern this child’s true appearance with a glance; a small blossom that had just transformed not long ago.

If this was elsewhere, Zeng ZiLiang would not have given another glance to this little peach blossom spirit. However, this was WanXiu Mountain, at Heavenly Listening Hall, it’s Esteemed Lord LianHua’s retainer!

Zeng ZiLiang very politely saluted the small child: “I have troubled you.”

Su Yu was at the age where he was very naive. He didn’t think too much about it and simply thought that this sect leader was broadminded and courteous.

“Quickly follow me, His Excellency is waiting for you.” Su Yu’s voice was lovable and pleasant to listen to.

On the other hand, Zeng ZiLiang wanted to exchange some words but they have already arrived at the Heavenly Listening Hall. Afraid that the more he says, the more mistakes he would make, he didn’t dare say another word…….

Shen QingXian was clear on Zeng ZiLiang’s complex thoughts but as long as he (ZZL) did not cross the line, he (SQX) always turned a blind eye to it and didn’t ask about it.

The Heavenly Dao has always praised itself as the righteous path but in reality, it was far from being so.

For tens of thousands of years it had always been the laws of the jungle that have been the rules of living. Even if they were “righteous,” how righteous were they?

Zeng ZiLiang finally saw Shen QingXian.

The lunar white figure amidst the shrouding tea aroma was synonymous to The Heavenly Dao.

MF: please don’t ask why there even is a color called lunar white, chinese novels have just smashed my views on colors, lunar white is a slightly bluish-white color since the ancients believed that the moon was not purely white and that it had a tinge of very very light blue in it too. like the background color of this block of txt. Here’s a pic link too, it’s the top left one called 月白色. Fun fact: there actually is a phone that is in that color: Realme X2 Pro Dual SIM, idk how good this phone is though.

Zeng ZiLiang bowed over in salute, he didn’t even dare look more than needed.

Shen QingXian said: “Come over.”

Zeng ZiLiang walked over with his head lowered and his heart trembling in fear. He really didn’t know what Esteemed Lord summoned him for.

Shen QingXian nodded towards the empty space beside him and a wooden chair appeared.

Shen QingXian: “Sit.”

Zeng ZiLiang didn’t dare to sit on such an honorable chair. He replied with a quiver in his voice: “Disciple doesn’t dare.”

Shen QingXian shot him a glance. Zeng ZiLiang got cold feet and he immediately sat down with a PLOP.

Shen QingXian’s expression didn’t change and his voice was also warm: “I called you today to ask you something.”

It’s come, it’s come…….Zeng ZiLiang’s heart started racing. Is it that Esteemed Lord found out that he calumniated Thousand Crane School’s secret treasure and stole Dipped Moon Sect’s resources?!

Shen QingXian was too lazy to look at the thoughts running through Zeng ZiLian’s head and went straight to the point: “Moonset Secret Realm, do you know of it?”

Moonset Secret Realm ! !

Zeng ZiLiang knelt down: “Esteemed Lord, disciple knows his wrongs!”

Shen QingXian: “…….”

Zeng ZiLiang was scared to death, never had he thought that that encounter with Heart Domain’s people would be known by the Esteemed Lord!

Indeed, Moonset Secret Realm was not some big secret realm. Don’t mention Shen QingXian, even Zeng ZiLiang, this high leveled boss, was not interested in it.

Instead of calling it a secret realm to call it a jungle was more accurate.

It appeared roughly a hundred years ago and was a secret realm that connected to the mortal world. Recently, a lot of mortals had come from there to step onto the cultivation path. Of course, there were also many low level cultivators who had gone there to cultivate and make a living wandering from place to place.

Because the scale of Moonset Secret Realm was small, the various powers didn’t scramble for ownership of it so it became a public territory.

Heavenly Dao, Heart Domain, as long as they were low level cultivators there was a possibility they would adventure there.

The matter that seriously frightened Zeng ZiLiang was actually unworthy of mentioning. He’s already at that age but still didn’t forget to add to his family tree and gave birth to tons of children. The youngest one was only 18-years-old this year, a real living breathing young master.

The young master was born in an aristocratic cultivation family and naturally also had to cultivate. However, his father was Null Direction’s Sect Leader so he was naturally arrogant…….

In the past, he was haughty and spoiled. After going to Moonset Secret Realm he became even more unscrupulous.

Heavenly Dao’s cultivators had some qualms about his father so they avoided him but Heart Domain’s cultivators didn’t care about this so they thought of a plan. They kidnapped this young master and sent a letter to Null Direction Sect.

Zeng ZiLiang actually cared deeply for this youngest son of his so when he heard that something happened to his son, he immediately had his disciples rescue him.

Because he was worried for his child’s safety, he promised some benefits to those Heart Domain cultivators…….

But didn’t think that this would be known by the Esteemed Lord! Would the Esteemed Lord think that he didn’t have a pure Taoist heart and was a spy for the enemy?!

Let’s not mention whether or not he was a spy for the enemy, this Taoist heart of his was quite impure. No wonder although they were the same age, Ye Zhan still had the appearance of a youth while Zeng ZiLiang looked as if he had entered his middle age.

Shen QingXian picked up a teacup: “Having offspring is a good thing but how to educate them is something that one needs to be prudent about.”

Zeng ZiLiang replied: “This one will comply with Esteemed Lord’s teachings.”

Shen QingXian glanced at him: “Have some tea.”

Zeng ZiLiang trembled as he picked up the teapcup. After taking a sip…….

Pure Spiritual Qi poured into his heart. The pent-up frustrations completely vanished and was replaced with the clear and intangible feeling of paramount enlightenment!

Zeng ZiLiang’s appearance gradually became younger at a speed that could be seen by the naked eyes. The aches throughout his body disappeared and his heart became calmer…….

With tears streaming down his face, Old Zeng knelt down and kowtowed: “Many thanks to Esteemed Lord!”

Shen QingXian waved his hand.

After experiencing this baptism, Zeng ZiLiang would be able to give his all to the Heavenly Dao for a few more hundred years.

While Old Zeng was moved to tears, Shen QingXian said: “I have two small children here who have gained enlightenment. Make preparations for them to travel to and traverse Moonset Secret Realm.”

Zeng ZiLiang recalled the peach blossom spirit he saw outside the hall. He answered right away: “Rest assured, Esteemed Lord. Disciple will make the necessary arrangements for this kind of small matter.”

Shen QingXian made a sound in reply.

After Zeng ZiLiang left, Shen QingXian called over Su Yu.

Su Yu was at that age where he really was naive. He would not even be afraid when he sees Shen QingXian.

Shen QingXian warmly said: “Now that you have entered the Dao, you should start cultivating. Tomorrow, you and another fellow companion will take a trip to Moonset Secret Realm.”

Su Yu asked with surprise: “Your Excellency, can I leave WanXiu Mountain?”

Shen QingXian replied: “This is your home, coming and going is up to you.”

Su Yu was delighted, his eyes sparked with joy.

Shen QingXian gently ruffled Su Yu’s thin and soft hair, and softly said: “Go back and prepare.”

The next day, Su Yu woke up at the crack of dawn and jogged to the main hall while carrying a bag.

MF: omg, guys it’s Su Yu’s First Errand.

As a matter of fact, Esteemed Lord said there was another person who would travel with him. He wondered who it was.

Just as he was thinking this, Su Yu saw a small child standing in front of the hall.

The “small child” turned around. A pair of big eyes that looked like they were able to discern right from wrong, methis.

Su Yu froze up completely!

S….So….So cute!

Jet-black long hair, snow-white skin, and a pair of big and watery eyes. In between the eyebrows was a cinnabar mark red to the point of making one’s heart quiver…….

A long time passed by before Su Yu finally opened his mouth: “You…….you…….”

The “small child’s” voice was gentle and soft: “I’m Chao Yan.”

朝烟 – Chao Yan. 朝 – towards, morning, court, dynasty, face (this word actually has two pinyins Zhao1 and Chao2 but for last names it’s pronounced Chao2). 烟 – smoke.

——On the petals of the peach blossom clings the raindrops from the night before. The willow tree after the rain is a jade green, enveloped by the morning haze.

MF: my brain not poetic enough so i just translated the meaning of the two lines i got from online.

This was the verse Esteemed Lord had told him!

Su Yu happily asked: “Are you a willow branch transformed?”

Chao Yan nodded in reply: “En.”

Looks like this was the companion he would be traveling with! Su Yu was very delighted!

“Did you finish preparing your baggage? Let’s bid our farewells to the Esteemed Lord.”

“Chao Yao”: “The Esteemed Lord went out. He told us to directly descend the mountain.”

Su Yu didn’t suspect him (Chao Yan) and nodded his (Su Yu) head: “That’s also fine.”

He pulled on Chao Yan’s hand: “Come, let’s give the Esteemed Lord a kowtow.”

Although the Esteemed Lord was not present, the overdue respects can’t not be given. Su Yu was small but after all he was born at WanXiu Mountain, his Taoist heart was very firm.

“Chao Yan” hesitated for a while…….

Shen QingXian was afraid that if he did kneel, the hall would collapse along with WanXiu Mountain.

Never mind, let’s just use an illusion spell.

Su Yu happily pulled his little companion along as they descended the mountain not knowing that this little companion was not little and was actually very old…….

Shen QingXian can be said to be older than Su Yu by a lot.

Transforming into Chao Yan to descend the mountains was a conjecture that Shen QingXian made.

The task on the Jade Scroll said to travel to Moonset Secret Realm within five days. This task seemed to be simple. For Shen QingXian, don’t even say five days, going to and from only required a blink of an eye.

But there is a price to pay. It’s not Shen QingXian who would pay the price but rather Moonset Secret Realm.

Such a small secret realm. If Shen QingXian’s esteemed self went, it’s reckoned that it would directly explode leaving nothing behind.

For the most part, there was a reason for the formation of a secret realm. Usually it’s due to the fact that it itself created a protective screen to protect the propagation of the myriad of spiritual creatures inside.

But this protective screen would also have a restriction. Let’s not say Shen QingXian but Zeng ZiLiang. If Zeng ZiLiang had gone, it’s reckoned that even this protective screen would not be able to take it.

The mutual attraction between Spiritual Qis could’t be overlooked. The amount of Spiritual Qi inside Zeng ZiLiang was greater than that of this protective screen so the protective screen would be continuously absorbed by Zeng ZiLiang until the secret realm no longer existed.

Although it’s a low level secret realm, to the later generation’s growth, it’s existence was of great value. So unless they had cultivated to a certain realm, cultivators would not enter this kind of secret realm.

MF: i’m assuming what the author means by certain realm it’s referring to spiritual condensing stage, golden stage(?), nirvana stage(?), and so on. Each realm has levels and you have to be at the max level of that realm to advance to the next realm. There are different kinds of cultivation realms, i believe some go by numbers, others go along the lines of warrior, sage, saint, and so on and there’s one that goes along the colors of the rainbow ROYGBIV.

Shen QingXian had no choice but to go and he had even thought further into the future.

This secret realm could’t be destroyed. Let’s not mention the later generation (afterall, with a wave of his hand, he would be able to create a few secret realms), just based on the lastest task given by the Jade Scroll, this Moonset Secret Realm must remain in existence.

He doesn’t believe the Jade Scroll was simply only having him make a trip there, there definitely will be a task 8, 9, and 10…….

So Shen QingXian suppressed his cultivation and transformed into a small child so that he could use the most normal approach to enter the secret realm.

Throughout the trip, Su Yu talked nonstop. He’s not like a peach blossom spirit but more like an oriole.

These two were still eye catching: two small children with their hair twisted into a knot on the other side of their head and their skin white and tender, whoever saw them couldn’t help but look a few more times.

MF: so the hair is called 总角 whichever is relatively worn by children around the age of 9. They have a different hairstyle depending on what age they are at.

Su Yu was young and naive so when they arrived at the outside of the secret realm and saw some stalls, his eyes lit up.

Zeng ZiLiang handled the work appropriately. He gave the two of them each a QianKun bag. The things inside the QianKun bag…….tsk tsk…….there’s more than the number of treasure the entire Moonset Realm outputs…….

乾坤袋 – QianKun Bag. 乾坤 – Heaven and Earth. 袋 – bag. A bag that you can store anything in and it won’t get full.

MF: so what i mean by outputs is that secret realms have loads of plants and herbs and other things inside it and people usually go to secret realms to also collect said things. So the secret realms can be said to be a factory and it produces stuff. So like input-output, you get what I mean, hopefully.

Su Yu caught sight of a sugar people and happily said: “Chao Yan, do you want one?”

MF: sugar people are figures made out of hot liquid sugar. There are 2d ones and 3d ones. It’s considered a traditional chinese form of folk art.

Shen QingXian: “…….”

Su Yu thought that he was being shy: “Try it, it’s fine.” After saying this he ran over and bought two of them.

Seeing the brownish-yellow thing in his hand, Shen QingXian’s complexion became complicated: En…….it’s been thousands of years since he last ate this earthly thing, hasn’t it?

Su Yu took a bite and immediately grinned: “So sweet.”

Shen QingXian took a bite. The area between his eyebrows slightly creased.

So unpalatable…….

As Su Yu ate it, he gave high praises: “It tastes good, so delicious!”

Shen QingXian was really unable to finish it so he used a spell to make it vanish from sight.

Anyhow, they haven’t entered the secret realm so even if he used a spell, it won’t interfere with anything.

This was what he thought, but he did not properly hide this slight movement which allowed a certain someone from afar to lock their eyes onto him.

Su Yu bought an assortment of stuff before he entered the secret realm with Shen QingXian. Once he entered, Shen QingXian looked at the Jade Scroll.

The “task 7” that should have gone gray was actually still lit.

What’s going on? Could it be that this is not Moonset Secret Realm?

Why was the task not marked complete?

The author has something to say: Dingdong, the finicky Esteemed Lord is about to come online.

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