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[WTATFIL] Chapter 8 – Fighting, Little Peach Blossom


TL: Moon Flower

PR: Confuzzled

MF: i realized in the previous chapter i put cherry blossom instead of peach blossom, it’s fixed now

Is it because he transformed into Chao Yan, a small child, that the Jade Scroll doesn’t recognize him?

Originally, Shen QingXian thought that this Jade Scroll’s brain didn’t work, now he disliked it even more. 

But the thing was, he didn’t want to transform back to his original appearance and suppress his cultivation, since not many people would dare to look straight at him. But if he does suppress his cultivation and then still reveal his original appearance, even if Moonset Secret Realm doesn’t collapse, it will be really inconvenient for him to handle his matters. 

In his earlier years when he had not become a Saint, he had started many bloodsheds.

He stood still so Su Yu called him: “Chao Yan, look!”

Shen QingXian curbed his thoughts and caught up to Su Yu. He would have to wait for now, maybe there was an unmet condition, for example, he had to stay in the secret realm for a certain amount of time for it to count as “gone in.”

Su Yu discovered a beautiful cluster of flowers. The flowers were short with no branches, and its leaves were similar to a field of white snow. They absorbed the bright sunlight and reflected a clean and clear splendor.

Su Yue stared at them: “His Excellency Esteemed Lord will definitely like this!”

The Esteemed Lord would definitely like this kind of saintly and pure “snowflakes”.

Shen QingXian smiled and thought: Your Esteemed Lord doesn’t like this mourning* color.

*In China white is considered the funeral color. When they visit the graves, they send white flowers, this is what i mean by mourning/funeral color

Su Yu said with disappointment: “I really would like to pick some for the Esteemed Lord.”

Shen QingXian replied: “We should focus on cultivating ourselves, this way we will live up to Esteemed Lord’s high exceptions.” 

Su Yu immediately got it together: “You’re right! Chao Yan is more sensible than me!”

DaLao doesn’t want to accept this praise.

Just as they were turning around to go, that “pure” snowflake suddenly pounced. A sharp claw tightly grabbed onto Su Yu’s ankle.  

Su Yu cried out in alarm and turned around. His face became as pale as paper.

How was this a snowflake? It was actually a ferocious monster baring its fangs, waiting for them. 

“Run!” Su Yu yelled at Shen QingXian, “Chao Yan, quickly run!”

Such a big fella. How was he supposed to beat him! He was already captured so he can’t drag Chao Yan with him too.

As if Shen QingXian would run. If he wanted to take care of this little thing…….he wouldn’t even need to move a finger.

But to these two children, Su Yu and Chao Yan, it really was something to be frightened about.

It’s actually a little strange…….

Shen QingXian felt quite perplexed. This monster looked to be rank 2 so why was it at the entrance of the secret realm?

He suppressed his cultivation and his perception lowered with it. Adding onto the fact that it was a small insignificant bug, to him there was no significant difference between it and a real snowflake so he didn’t immediately notice. 

But if he was to act as if he hadn’t noticed, it would’ve been a bit hard. Afterall, Chao Yan would not have been able to notice it. 

Su Yu thought Chao Yan froze up from the shock!

Although he had been captured and was afraid of dying, he still plucked up the courage to grab a magical item from the QianKun bag, wanting to give Chao Yan some time to run!

The things Zeng ZiLiang provided was excellent but even the best divine weapon needed a master* to wield it.

*not master as in mastery of an art or something, more like as in host, owner, etc

As of now, Su Yu’s spiritual power was pure but he had no battle experience. Suddenly faced with this kind of enemy, the odds were not negligible. 

But this little fella was intelligent and knew how to make feints. He wasn’t thinking of killing this monster but have it release its grip on him so he could run away.

He pretended to strike at its claw. When the monster pulled Su Yu closer to it, he suddenly drew a sword and with no hesitation, pierced it at the monster’s eye!

Brave and astute. Aptitude was also quite good, unfortunately, still a bit naive. 

It’s true the eyes were a weak spot but this kind of monster probably had not gained consciousness so when it was injured it would  go crazy and ballistic instead. It would bring out a stronger, brutal strength with it.

Based on Su Yu and Chao Yan’s current capability, even if they were able to throw off the shackles, they wouldn’t be able to run far.

Su Yu was thrown into the air and fell onto the ground. His face became caked with mud but his eyes were full of desire to survive. 

He pulled on Shen QingXian’s hand and ran wildly.

Behind was a roaring monster and in front were children running desperately .

Whoever saw this kind of scene, would determine that the situation forebode disasters rather than blessings. 

But this situation had not gone up to the point where Shen QingXian needed to lend a hand. Afterall, since they have already arrived at the secret realm, Su Yu indeed should use this opportunity to gain experience. 

Although he won’t lend a hand he could help him a little; helping him as Chao Yan.

“This way,” Shen QingXian said to Su Yu. 

Su Yu didn’t have time to think so he went in the direction Shen QingXian pointed at and ran to the jungle on their left side. 

The jungle was very deep and expansive. Running was also strenuous. Soon, sweat trickled down Su Yu’s forehead and he started panting for breath. He was so tired that he almost couldn’t move his legs anymore. 

But the monster behind them on the other hand, ran faster and faster. Because it was about to catch up to its prey it let a “ChiChi” sound with excitement. 

Su Yu didn’t dare look back but he knew that it’s getting closer and closer to them.

The “ChiChi” sound, smell of fish or mutton, and the trembling of the ground that allowed them to discern where its huge claws landed became clearer and clearer…….  

Can’t run anymore…….the battle from before had already drained Su Yu’s physical strength. Right now, he really was at his limit!

His face was pale with his forehead full of sweat, and his soft hair was wet and stuck to his cheeks. His whole self felt that he was in a very difficult position.

“Chao, Chao Yan…….” While gasping for breath, Su Yu said to the small child next to him, “You continue to run, don’t look back!”

Chao Yan grasped his hand tightly: “No, we’re going together.”

Su Yu: “I…….I can still fight him. I…….know his weakness. You run ahead and get help. I’m fine!”

He was already gasping for breath while talking. It’s reckoned that if he stopped here, only death awaited him. 

Shen QingXian looked at his (SY) bright eyes and his (SQX) heart softened: it really was a cute small peach blossom.

At this crucial moment, there was a flash of light.

Shen QingXian feigned surprise and said: “There’s someone there! Su Yu, there’s someone up ahead!”

Su Yu looked over and really saw a few silhouettes.

“Help!” The small peach blossom urgently called for help and attracted the attention of the cultivators up ahead. 

In the front, there were five people. Enough to defeat this three-clawed monster!

Originally, Su Yu was already dead tired but right now his whole body was bursting with surprising strength. He pulled Shen QingXian to run for their lives.  

The movement on the other side was not small so the few cultivators had already detected it. Seeing the situation, they immediately pulled out their magical items and attacked the monster together!

To Su Yu, ranked two beasts were fatal but to these cultivators, they were a good thing to gain experience from. 

Up front were bursts of lights shining. Shen QingXian quickly helped Su Yu behind a large tree. 

The small peach blossom panted for breath from exhaustion. He was surprised and then frightened, making his whole body collapse.

Shen QingXian gave him (SY) a waterskin*.

*I’m assuming that’s what the 水壶 (direct translation is water kettle) looked like, that’s how they carry water in c drama or it could be one of those bottle gourds.

Su Yu took big gulps of water. Only after a long time did he recover his strength.

Shen QingXian asked him: “Are you feeling better?”

Su Yu revealed a bright smile as he had just survived a near-death disaster: “En.”

Shen QingXian glanced behind him and lowered his head to cover up the emotions in his eyes. 

Survived a disaster? He was afraid that it’s another abyss they had landed in.

When Su Yu was able to stand up, the battle up ahead had already finished. 

After one last roar filled with despair, the monster fell to the ground with a loud crash. The few cultivators slightly gasped for breath but overall they looked quite relaxed.

With admiration, Su Yu said, “I also want to become as strong as them!”

Shen QingXian smiled.

Su Yu walked towards them: “Many thanks to seniors for your help!”

He ceremoniously bowed in salute. He really wanted to thank them for saving their life.

A skinny and tall one amongst the cultivators said: “It was just a lift of a finger. Not worth mentioning.”

This moved Su Yu even more!

The skinny and tall person asked Su Yu: “Which school and teacher are you two under?”

WanXiu Mountain had no school or sect and Su Yu was not Shen QingXian’s disciple so he shook his head: “I am not under any school or teacher*.”

*brain not working, i feel like their is a more concise wording but i can’t remember so i’m describing

The skinny and tall person lifted a brow and eagerly asked: “Do you two want to travel with us?”

Su Yu was very surprised: “Can we?”

The skinny and tall person replied: “Of course! We all follow the Heavenly Dao so we ought to help one another.”

Su Yu turned towards Shen QingXian and with pleasant surprise said: “Chao Yan, we…….”

Shen QingXian gave a slight smile: “I’ll listen to you.”

Su Yu happily grabbed Shen QingXian’s hands.

After seeing Shen QingXian, those few cultivators became frightened but immediately afterwards, greed overcame their eyes. 

Shen QingXian pretended to not have seen anything. 

Su Yu was too naive. Unfortunately in this world……..if one was naive they wouldn’t be able to live long. 

While taking care of the monster’s corpse, both parties introduced themselves.  

These few cultivators had come from different schools and sects. After coming to Moonset Secret Realm, they became acquainted with one another and decided to travel together.

The skinny and tall person was called Wang Yu. He’s very talkative.

王禹 – Wang Yu. 王 – king, great, a surname.禹 – also can be a surname but here it’s not, it is the same Yu in Yu the Great who was the founding monarch of the Xia Dynasty and is famous for his introduction of flood control and his upright moral character.

He (Wang Yu)  knew a lot and said so much that Su Yu, who was a child and ignorant of worldly matters, had his eyes full of admiration. 

There’s also the slightly chubby cultivator Li Sun. This fella stuck close to Shen QingXian all the way. Shen QingXian pretended to be shy with strangers and followed behind Su Yu. 

李隼 – Li Sun. 李 – plum, a surname.隼 – falcon.

Su Yu had said to Shen QingXian: “Don’t be afraid, Chao Yan. Brother Wang and Brother Li are good people.”

MF: note here although many of u already know, brother here is not blood related brothers but it’s b/c Wang and Li are within a certain age number older than Su Yu so he (SY) calls them brother out of politeness.

Shen QingXian still stuck close to him (Su Yu).

With the demeanour of an eldest brother Su Yu said: “Chao Yan is shy with strangers. Brother Wang and Brother Li, please don’t mind it.”

“I don’t mind. I don’t mind. We will become familiar with time”

After a day, Su Yu treated his saviours as good brothers.

After the sky turned dark, these ‘good brothers’ revealed their true colors. 

They probably added something to their dinner so they had nothing to fear. But Shen QingXian had already dexoticated the medicine put into Su Yu’s meal. 

So when Wang Yu was tying up Su Yu, Su Yu opened his eyes. 

Wang Yu froze for a moment.

Su Yu was still a little bit dazed: “Brother Wang?”

Wang Yu gave up on pretending and sneered: “Didn’t think that you’re pretty resistant to the medicine but you’re too late.”

“Release me!” Shen QingXian purposely yelled loudly to alert Su Yu. 

Su Yu immediately sobered up and saw the ropes tying him up. After staring blankly for a moment,  he said: “You…….you guys…….what are you guys doing?”

“What are we doing?” Wang Yu laughed, “Peach blossom demon and willow demon…….you two are worth a lot.”

Su Yu’s eyes widened: “Br….Brother Wang, what do you mean?”

Wang Yu pinched Su Yu’s white and tender cheeks: “It’s only you demons who are this naive.”

Su Yu was naive but not dumb. Things had already gone up to this point so how could he not understand.

It’s just that he didn’t want to believe it. His eyes were filled with disbelief!

Once Wang Yu ripped off his nice guy mask, his smile became obscene and nasty: “You two look pretty okay. After we use the medicine to accelerate maturity* you will look even more enchanting.”

*prob means to make them grow up immediately, the other meaning of the phrase in raw is accelerate the ripening (of a fruit) but only Su Yu is a fruit while Chao Yan/SQX is a willow

Li Sun ominously stared at Shen QingXian. Shen QingXian revealed a scared expression. 

“Hey, Lao Wang,” Li Sun asked his companion, “Why don’t we sell one and leave the other one with us?”

Wang Yu landed a slap on his (LS) head: “Behave yourself, this is money right here!”

At this moment Su Yu thoroughly came out of his trance. He looked at the trembling Chao Yan and felt as if a knife had pierced his (SY) heart.

“You guys…….you guys…….”

Su Yu’s eyes turned red as he had finally understood the situation. In his heart burnt flames of fury!

In this one day, he experienced too many mishaps.

First, he was enticed by the flawless flower and fell into the monster’s trap. Right after that was a life and death struggle. Only after running so fast that he almost breathed his last, did he finally survive. Originally, he thought that he had encountered some saviours and met some good people. But overnight, his benefactors became beasts! 

One blow after another, Su Yu exploded.

After all he was enlightened on WanXiu Mountain so he had unlimited potential.

The Spiritual Power in his body rolled out in waves and unexpectedly broke the ropes tying him up.

Wang Yu raised a brow: “This kid does have some capability!”

Su Yu furiously said: “Let him go.”

Wang Yu was not afraid of him: “Hehe*, little peach blossom. I see that you refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit**!”

*pinyin for 呵呵 which is laughter

**see this phrase a lot in c novels 敬酒不吃吃罚酒 basically means don’t appreciate one’s kindness and don’t know good from bad

Right after saying this, he snapped his whip towards Su Yu. 

Although Su Yu’s Spiritual Power was pure and rich but after all, he did not have any combat experience. He depended on the fact that he was vicious enough to gain an upper hand.  

Wang Yu didn’t really want to injure him (SY) since he (WY) was afraid that the price would lower. Therefore, he (WY) retreated one step after another and it looked like he (WY) was suppressed.

At this moment Li Sun choked Shen QingXian and loudly said: “Do you want to see him die?”

Su Yu suddenly stopped. “Don’t hurt him!”

Wang Yu used this moment to come forward and used his (WY) whip to bind him (SY):  “Then behave yourself!”

Su Yu’s eyes widened. His eyes had turned into a gorgeous peach color and it was full of remorse and regret.

Shen QingXian felt that it was about time. 

Just as he was about to make a move…….

Suddenly, a burst of fierce wind whirled up. The already pitch-black night at the moment was dyed a little crimson. Amidst the quiet and lonely air was a whiff of an indescribable fragrant and sweet smell.

Wang Yu, Li Sun, and company became rapt with attention and looked around: “Who…….who’s…….”

The third had not come out when their necks were slit. Blood gushed out and they looked at one another with incredibility.

A red autumn leaf dyed with blood drifted down. Amid the cold wind, a silhouette landed.

His hair was as black as ink and his skin was as white as the clouds. His smile was full of tenderness but also had a hint of danger in it.

He bent down and carefully picked up Shen QingXian. In a low voice, he asked: “How did you get yourself in such a difficult position?”

This voice was tempting and graceful as if it was the whispers of a lover near one’s ear. 

Shen QingXian raised his head to look at him. 

Why did it change to blue eyes?

So ugly. 

The author has something to say: 

Gu JianShen: Just because I changed my eye color, my wife doesn’t love me anymore. Tell me, in the end do you love me or my eyes?

Esteemed Lord with a cold face: Your eyes. The red ones.

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Moon’s Comment:

Su Yu, my poor child, he had to go through so much. Wang Yu, you don’t deserve the Yu in your name. Okay guys sharpen your 40 meter swords. Because we are benevolent people we will allow Wang Yu and company to get a 39 meter head start run. 

On a lighter tone, (。ノᗨ<。)ノ omg ? the first thing SQX thinks is not why r u here or how did u know i was here but why r ur eyes blue, give me back my beautiful red eyes.


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