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[WTATFIL] Chapter 9 – Something He Could Still Endure


Translator: bluedreamsfairy

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The newcomer was Gu JianShen.

Although he bridled his cultivation, the outward semblance didn’t alter… Oh… It has. His once mesmerizing eyes have mutated.

Towards this, Shen QingXian was quite discontented. Recalling the task to compliment his eyes, he  was suddenly  even more dissatisfied. Praise him by pronouncing at least three sentences? Hehe. He won’t even spit out one word!

This time, Su Yu became more cautious, his black eyes fixed at Gu JianShen in alert: “Who are you?” In fact, the savior may not be a benefactor in the end! And may be like the previous Wang Yu, Li Sun and the rest!

Gu JianShen smiled, shamefully lying: “Childe, I came to receive the Young Master.” After he finished speaking, he scrutinized the fair-skinned child in his arms.

Su Yu was slightly dumbfounded: “You came to receive Chao Yan?”

Shen QingXian: “…” It was just one sentence, but Su Yu only focused on his name.

Gu JianShen downslope from the road: “Correct.”

Su Yu gaped at Shen QingXian with his peachy and watery eyes, at a loss.

Shen QingXian didn’t make a sound. He was watching the guy behind him, looking forward to how he would have continued to waffle.

Gu JianShen slowly began to rattle off an excuse he had prepared beforehand: “Young Master Chao Yan is my Clan’s Holy Son. Because of his debility and sickness, he was sent to the WanXiu Mountain to convalesce.”

The cheated Su Yu was stupefied. He blinked at Shen QingXian, questioning: “Really?”

Shen QingXian awaited what Gu JianShen had up his sleeves, therefore he confirmed: “Yes.”

At this point, every bit of doubt vanished. Su Yu may distrust an outsider, but he would never suspect Chao Yan.

Gu JianShen looked so high-spirited that he continued to fabricate the story: “Esteemed Lord has informed my Clan that our Holy Son has left the mountain for training yesterday. Hence, the Elder dispatched me on the way to take care of the Young Master.”

Su Yu already believed him completely: “That was it….”

Shen QingXian pondered for a moment, but thought that this could also work, so he kept silent.

Gu JianShen lowered his head again to stare at the child in his embrace: “Young Master, your servant is called Qing Shen.”

Heart Domain’s Demon Emperor JiuYuan was his own personal subservient?

Acceptable. This was still something he could endure.

Shen QingXian chuckled, unhurriedly commanding: “Let me down.” Esteemed Lord quickly got in the character, as he had a ‘Holy Son’ demeanor.

Gu JianShen frowned: “Yes.”

And then, he loosened the hug and placed Shen QingXian down on a clean foothold.

Su Yu finally reacted by approaching Shen QingXian: “I considered you to be of the same origin as me!”

He was born in the WanXiu Mountain and was a little ignorant peach blossom spirit. But thanks to the Esteemed Lord LianHua’s appearance, Spiritual Qi stormed everywhere throughout the mountain and he unexpectedly achieved the Dao. He could be counted as lucky.

Shen QingXian softly apologized to him: “I am sorry for not telling you.”

Su Yu promptly waved his hand: “No big deal. I didn’t ask you either.”

Shen QingXian thought: If you had inquired, matters would have been way different.

Su Yu was quite curious though: “Are you all willows in your Clan?” A clan made of willows… supposedly, it wasn’t a big one!

Shen QingXian glanced at Gu JianShen. The latter shifted topic: “The two Young Masters, let’s take some time to walk and talk.”

Su Yu felt very embarrassed as he presented himself: “My name is Su Yu. Please call me by my name! It’s okay!”

Gu JianShen corrected himself: “Young Master Su Yu, please.”

Shen QingXian faintly smiled.

Gu JianShen peeped at him.

Shen QingXian slightly opened his mouth to mimic: Your Highness has such a hobby?

Gu JianShen didn’t comment and just smiled affectionately.

Shen QingXian coldly opened his eyes wide.

When Gu JianShen had ruby-red eyes, this expression of his was more beautiful than hibiscus. But now… It was like ingesting lotus roots.

Gu JianShen led them away from the bloody area, because he had slaughtered the five people for a while, a fishy smell arose, wafting in their nose.

Su Yu wasn’t scared as he wasn’t a person. Moreover, he wasn’t that moved by those kinds of people. However, chatting before a pile of bloody corpses was inappropriate, hence changing location was the right decision to take now.

After roaming for a while, Gu JianShen examined Shen QingXian: “Young Master is tired?”

Actually, it has been several thousands years since Shen QingXian last felt weary.

However, Su Yu was a little tired already. In his opinion, the day started by being tossed side from side, and then he had to fight before escaping to save his life. Afterwards, his three views were overturned, so he slightly began to pant after a short while.

Shen QingXian referred to him in order to redden his own face, slightly gasping for breath.

Who would have expected that Gu JianShen would stretch his hands to pick him up because of this action: “There is still some road. I will hold you while walking.”

Shen QingXian: “…”

Gu JianShen was strong. In fact, carrying Shen QingXian was like holding a weightless rag doll.

Noticing Shen QingXian’s cheeks, Su Yu also intervened: “Chao Yan! Don’t force yourself! I have put you into much trouble today!”

Shen QingXian insisted: “I can walk by myself.”

Gu JianShen whispered: “Your body is not as good as Young Master Su Yu. Don’t be so stubborn.”

Su Yu immediately remembered the previous words ‘sickly body’ Gu JianShen enunciated, and hurriedly asserted: “I was too careless! I forgot about your weak body!” And then, he earnestly added: “Danger lurks everywhere in this Moonset Secret Realm! You must accumulate stamina, just in case we meet a calamity.”

Shen QingXian: “…”

Gu JianShen’s eyes were full of smiles: “Young Master, please rest well.”

Shen QingXian raised his head to spy on him, sweetly smiling: “Then, good luck.”

Gu JianShen was startled.

In the next instant, Shen QingXian weighed a thousand jin.

Gu JianShen’s facial expression changed, almost throwing the ‘Esteemed Holy Son’ away.

Shen QingXian gripped the clothes on his chest intentionally.

Gu JianShen’s body was about to snap.

Su Yu perceived it, and asked with a surprised tone: “Is Chao Yan heavy?”

The little willow appeared delicate and tender, but heavy. How come Gu JianShen looked very fatigued?

Gu JianShen smiled: “Very light.” Light like a knap.

If they weren’t in the Moonset Secret Realm, don’t even mention a hill, Esteemed Lord could weigh like a mountain and the sea. If the Demon Emperor could still hold him, then what was the use of his cultivation? But the problem was that he had to suppress his cultivation in order to not make the realm collapse. Even though he was limited, he still could keep back to the highest level consented. Consequently, Gu JianShen was forced to bear the thousands jin he further incorporated.

Shen QingXian raised his head: “How about letting me walk?” His soft and sticky voice sounded evil.

Gu JianShen tightened the hug a little bit: “It’s nothing. Helping the Young Master is this servant’s duty.”

Shen QingXian buried himself on his chest: “Good luck.”

Gu JianShen put on a false smile: “No need, thanks.”

As soon as he refused, the little willow in his arms became three times heavier.

After a long while, the good-natured little Su Yu caught sight of a wide and vacant space, and cried out: “Here is not bad! Let’s rest here!”

Gu JianShen’s arms were about to break.

Shen QingXian lifted his head, looking back: “This is a good place?”

Su Yu confirmed: “Very good! The space is wide, and there are trees! We can make a fire, and also…”

Shen QingXian frowned as he suddenly interrupted him: “Could it be too near?”

Su Yu glanced at him back, confused: “En?”

Shen QingXian explained: “Wang Yu and the others must have had some accomplices undoubtedly… Could they have had a certain method of communication? If by any chance…” This concern of his was reasonable. After all, their speed had been somewhat slow and only reached till here. If Wang Yu’s partners discovered Wang Yu had died, they would certainly scout everywhere. Don’t mention revenge, even calculating the worthiness of the peach and willow tree demons would provoke malicious designs in them.

Su Yu gravely exclaimed: “Let’s continue to walk!”

Shen QingXian restrained a smile while gazing at Gu JianShen with worry: “Is it okay? Why don’t I do it by myself?”

How could a man question whether it was alright or not?

Gu JianShen ambiguously smiled, softly reassuring: “I can hug for one entire night and it would still be fine.”

Shen QingXian’s smile was sweet while his heart was cold, so he incidentally augmented more weight.

Gu JianShen: “…”

After two hours, they finally found a place to stay.

Shen QingXian ordered: “Let me go.”

Gu JianShen had maintained a perfect posture from the beginning, and still carefully placed the little child on a clean rock.

Su Yu also sat down, deeply sighing: “We can rest at last!”

The one who had the most say should have been Gu JianShen… however, the Demon Emperor would have preferred to die instead of revealing the truth!

Shen QingXian wished to witness how much long Gu JianShen could pretend…

Su Yu was extremely exhausted that, after laying down somewhere, he closed his eyes and fell asleep right away.

The two top-notch DaLao were glaring at each other under the bright and clear moon.

Shen QingXian was the first to open the mouth: “Your Highness is refined. To even have the time to stroll throughout this small realm.”

Gu JianShen cast a meaningful glance at him: “Esteemed Lord has really no idea why I came here?”

Shen QingXian chuckled: “Could it be that you needed to find the Holy Son?”

Gu JianShen stared at him fixedly, before answering: “Probably.”

Shen QingXian repeated: “Probably?”

Gu JianShen continued: “I was thinking that wherever the Holy Son was, he should be here. So I decided to take a look.”

Shen QingXian kept on smiling and didn’t comment. Confronting this kind of Heart Domain person, he didn’t want to verbalize more. Moreover, it wasn’t a convenient time to clash with Gu JianShen right now. Therefore, he laughed: “Your Highness must be tired. Please rest well.” Shen QingXian considered Gu JianShen a waste of time, and there was no way he would take him seriously.

After one night of silence, the two still didn’t close their eyes.

Shen QingXian spared some time to inspect the Jade Scroll. His assignment of entering the realm had dimmed already.


Was it because he stayed here enough or for other reasons?

Shen QingXian glimpsed at Gu JianShen, feeling suspicious.

While he was reflecting, the Jade Scroll, with the little strength it saved, started to act again.

“8. Let Gu JianShen hug you.”

“P.S.: Must be executed in the Moonset Secret Realm.”

An avalanche was landsliding towards the calm Esteemed Lord LianHuan: “…”

After flashing those indications, the Jade Scroll probably felt it wouldn’t live long, so the lights simply faded, and it played dead.

The author has something to say:

Gu JianShen: My wife is a tsundere. No worries, I still like it.

Esteemed Lord: coldface.jpg


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