Xercia’s Glossary

Glossary for various novels

I’ll be adding to this glossary as time goes on and more terms show up. If there’s anything that’s missing, please let me know and I’ll add it asap. Thank you!~

Wang – Lord, Prince, usually someone of royalty.

Wang Fei – Princess Consort, the main wife of royalty.

Ze Fei/Fei – Concubines, the second, third, x’th wife of royalty.

Shizi – Heir of the Household

Niang Niang – Used by a lower status people (if they respect you) to refer to the ladies of the household (whether it be the concubines or the consort)

Momo – An older maidservant

Ben (x) – A way of referring to self for those of high positions

Zen – The way emperors refers to themselves

Di – Birthed from the main wife

Shu – Birthed from a concubine

Zun – Sovereign

Gongzi – Sir, a general way of referring to young looking males that were seemingly from affluent families

Shaoye – Young Master of the Household

Wang Ye – Lord of the household, tends to be royalty

Lao Ye – Lord of the household, those with rank but not royalty

Qie – A way of referring to oneself spoken by the wife/concubine

Hou Ye – The Duke

Face – honor, respect, reputation

Xiu Nu (or Guan Nu Zi) – The lowest rank in the girls that enter the imperial harem. Typically female servants that may accompany the emperor without any official recognition. Still required to do the work of servants but not officially part of the concubine ranks.

Although various dynasties had different ranks within the political scene in the imperial harem, it was typically around 9 levels with Xiu Nu being the lowest 9th rank. Moving upwards, some ranks had fixed numbers while others do not. This ranking was similar to the ranking of officials.

Starting from the top, there would be:
1 Empress (皇后 – Huang Hou),
1 Imperial Noble Consort (皇贵妃 – Huang Gui Fei),
2 Honorable Consorts (贵妃 – Gui Fei),
4 Consorts (妃 – Fei),
6 Imperial Concubines (嫔 – Bing),
any number of Noble Ladies (贵人 – Gui Ren: precious person),
any number of First-Class Female Attendant (常在 – Chang Zai: often present),
any number of Second-Class Female Attendant (答应 – Da Ying: answer/promise),
and any number of Official Maids (官女子/秀女 – Guan Nu Zi/Xiu Nu: Official women/beautiful women)

Typically anyone ranked above noble ladies represented some political faction within the court.

Vermillion (or Cinnibar) Mole and White Moonlight – these two terms represent two different kinds of women. BOTH are the first love that got away but the vermillion mole is one that was glamorous and lively, her every move pulls at your heart. Being with her makes you excited.

The white moonlight is like that classmate that you liked in school. Clean, introverted, rational and gentle. She will always help guide you along the right path. A good way to think of it is one is an extrovert that parties, has fun, and goes sorta crazy. (vermillion mole) The other is an introvert that is gentle and knowledgeable, almost like a goddess. (white moonlight)

There also exists a concept where these two terms often times gets changed to mosquito blood and rice kernel. The white rose (white moonlight) becomes a rice kernel once gotten while red rose (vermillion mole) becomes mosquito blood. The grass on the other side is always greener.

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