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Your Distance Audio Drama Teasers – English Transcript

Listen to the audio drama teasers here: https://www.missevan.com/sound/player?id=2564594

The audio drama will be released/start updating on 11th October! I probably won’t be doing such transcripts for the actual audio drama, just for the teasers. P.S. These are very rough translations!

You can listen to the audio drama teasers in the background and read as you listen to understand! >.<

Transcript for first teaser:

System: You’ve selected ‘love’ for the user Cycle who is 287km away from you!

TS: Zhu Wenjia, you could have just selected ‘like’, why did you have to select ‘love’?

~ water dripping onto the screen ~

System: You’ve selected ‘love’ for the user Frost who is 287km away from you!

BCY: Water dripped from my hair and touched it by accident..

System: Congratulations, you’ve matched perfectly with the user Cycle!

ZWJ: Ge, Perfect Match! You’ve matched perfectly with Mr. C who’s 287km away!

TS: I told you already, I don’t want to find a partner right now!

TS: Cycle, have you gotten off work? Do you have time to talk at night?

BCY: Sorry, I’m not free.

TS: Cycle, let’s video call? I want to see you.

BCY: No.

TS: Cycle, I made mushroom grilled fish today, do you want to come over and eat it?

BCY: What are you rushing for?

TS: You’re always rejecting me like this, watch out for when I camp waiting for you!

BCY: You can try.

~ bell ~

BCY: Okay, our class today will be up till here. Please pass your assignments to the TA before lesson next week.

Students: Professor bye! / Goodbye Professor! / See you next time Professor!

TS: Ah, class is finally over. Let me see where Cycle is right now… I’ll go camp for him in a while.

System: The distance between you and Cycle is 3 metres.

TS: 3 metres?!

TS: Currently, someone in the classroom who has a sexy appearance, low voice, is 36 years old and 187cm tall, and has a length of— cough. There… seems to… only be… The perverted professor!?! Professor Bai?

~message~ BCY: Let’s go for lunch later.

TS: OH, HEAVENS. How is this different from meeting your father for a blind date?

BCY: Ting, wake up, you have class in the morning.

TS: Mm, I have class?… I’ll skip it… I’m not going to class anymore…

BCY: Ting, whose class do you have at 8.15am?

TS: Mm, 8.15am… It’s Professor…. ba—

TS: G-good morning, Professor.

BCY: Good morning, Ting.

Produced by Er Duo Shi Tang studio. Original work of Gong Zi You on Changpei. Contemporary audio drama: Your Distance. Will be released soon, please look forward to it.

BCY: Ting, you—

TS: You- you get out first.

BCY: I don’t want to go out. I’ve already waited a whole day. Can I open my birthday present now?

TS: You promised to listen to everything I said tonight! Don’t— Mmph.

System: The distance between you and Cycle is -20cm

TS: Bai Changyi, you old beast!!!

Transcript for second teaser:

TS: When I was 24 years old, I met the 36 year old Bai Changyi.

BCY: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first lesson of Robotik.

BCY: When I was 36 years old, I met the 24 year old Ting Shuang.

Song Xin: Ting Shuang, Today’s the first lesson since the start of school, and you dare to miss it?

TS: I have some private matters, so I didn’t go to class. What? Why is this professor so annoying?

TS: By mistake, we ended up together…

TS: What I mean is… Why not… Why not you stop considering others, and just have me… How about it?

BCY: Mm.

TS: Then I realised, between us, existed a lot of problems regarding distance. For example, physical distance.

TS/BCY: ~kiss~

System: The distance between you and Cycle is -6cm.

BCY: For example, cultural distance.

Elena: You’re not already living with him, right?

BCY: How’s that possible? He’s a 20-odd year old child. Think about when we were in our 20s. Who was willing to live with others?

TS: For example, distance (difference) between our statuses.

BCY: Ting, what do you think university is?

TS: University is…

TS: A period of time, a stage (in life). It’s a place I’ll eventually leave…

TS: But my professor…

BCY: I will forever be standing here.

BCY/TS: Theres also, the distance of 20 years of time.

TS: I’m afraid whatever I’m experiencing now is what you’ve already experienced in the past, so you’ll think it’s not interesting.

BCY: I won’t.

TS: Then… What if you run into those kind of situations in the future?

BCY: Then I’ll look at… you.

TS: Together, we’ve experienced a lot. When I looked back at it all, I realised… That humans always have a lot of fears.

TS: We fear betrayal.

Liang Zhengxuan: Lil’ Shuang, forgive me just this once.

TS: We fear being useless.

TS: Professor, this question, I…

TS: We fear the unknown.

BCY: Ting, never be scared of the things you don’t know about.

TS: We fear growing old.

Zhu Ao: He’s a full 12 years older than you. When you’re old, what about him? Where would he be then?

TS: We fear death.

Zhu Wenjia: Dad suddenly suffered a haemorrhage last week.

TS: Haemorrhage… Haemorrhage…

TS: Dad—!

TS: However, there’s surprisingly not a lot of people who fear living out their lives without knowing love. Living out their lives without ever finding anything. 

Produced by Er Duo Shi Tang studio. Original work of Gong Zi You on Changpei. Contemporary audio drama: Your Distance. Will be released soon, please look forward to it.

TS: Tonight, will you obey everything I say?

BCY: Of course. What else do you want?

TS: Then I… also want you to forever stay young, and forever stay happy. And forever… stay loving me.

BCY: I love you.

Translated by: ReallyDee

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