Yue Chen Yin Chapter 6 Part 1

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Translated: Akiha

Chapter 6 The Thoughts in Two Hearts that Can’t Reach One Another Part 1

Sinking into the unlimited darkness, the fragrance still lingered by my nose. What is going on? The feeling of extreme fear surged from my heart uncontrollably and I tried to take back the control over my body. It was as if I was on the cloud in the dark night, no matter how I try to calm myself down, the feeling kept on surrounding me as it had no physical form. I helplessly searched in the void space, wanting to find an exit. But it felt like I was walking further and further away, I looked around and turned my head back every three steps.

Not knowing how much time had passed, I heard some sound entering my ear, scattering that mist. My heart had become clear. Towards the light that had appeared in the corner, I ran as fast as I can. It’s there, it’s near, I finally opened my eyes.

The parts below my neck still can’t be moved, so I greedily observed my surroundings. There was a yellow-coloured tarp can be seen on the top of my head and I can feel the ground below my body is shaking, it had felt surreal.

“The long, long Lei River, connecting all four directions.” A clear singing voice can be heard outside the tarp. From the sound of the water and the creaking sound from a boat, it seems like this is on the water.

“A man that sang loudly on the river, a woman that cried sadly by the river. The fragrance by the plantation, the young boy with the green clothing. After he had head out, she faces the empty bed. Who will be willing to send this message over, to wish him all the best.”

The folk rhyme had shown a woman’s deep, grudge. Feeling the crack on my lips, I subconsciously licked them. Clearing my throat, I then realized that I was unable to let out any voice. Opening my mouth, I tried to croon, but I can only feel a light breath from my lips, unable to make any sound. I was terrified and I forced my throat to make a sound. After a while, I closed my mouth and stared blankly at the boat’s tarp.

I’m mute. Really, I have become mute.

Closing my eyes, I pursed my lips and felt miserable. A moment later, I opened my hazy and teary eyes and turned my head to search for mother. A blurry light passed through the grease coloured tarp. Raising my head, I saw a four legged table in front of my body and a dim, dark coloured lamp can be seen on the table. Tilting my head, I saw two flat sacks beside me, there seems to be nothing inside the sacks.

The boat’s drape was pulled up and the sun was so bright that I was unable to open my eyes. “Dear husband, Qing Er[1] is awake now.” A clear voice entered my ear and I felt my body being carried lightly. Forcing my eyes open, white light flashes into my eyes. When my eyesight had returned, I was then able to see clearly the people in front of me. A blue flower pattern cloth covering the head with clothing made with rough cloth on her body. Her eyebrows were as thin as a grass and she had a face as round as the moon on the fifteenth day of each month. She was a normal middle-aged woman.

Qing Er? Is she talking about me? What are they playing at this time? Squinting my eyes, I looked at her questioningly and I saw a cold smile appearing on the woman’s face. She opened her mouth and said softly: “Be good~” Her finger nail heavily scratched over my cheek, it was painful.

I hurriedly asked her with my gaze: Be good? What will happen if I don’t act obediently? Who are you, where is my mother? Where is this? Where are we going?

She turned her eyes away and looked at the drape, ignoring me.

“Dong.” A deep sound can be heard and the boat shook, as if it bumped into something.

“Dear wife, we have reached the shore, carry Qing Er over to sunbathe.” A rough, large hand pulled up the drape. An angular and tanned face appeared on the deck. It was yet another face that is easily overlooked.

Unable to control my body, I was limply carried by the woman and exited the boat. The man in green clothing can be seen standing on the green wooden plank and placed more than ten copper coins into the oarsman’s palm. Covering his fist with his palm, he smiled dopily: “Thank you, uncle. This is the fee, do accept it.”

Slightly closing my eyes, I looked towards the sun that was going down. I tilted my head and glanced over to see that I’m at a pier bustling with people. I lowered my head and found myself in grey coloured clothing made of normal cloth. I looked at my surrounding that is filled with people. Recalling the boat rhyme earlier, it seems like the quiet and wide river behind me is the Lei River.

According to mother, there is a total of three large rivers on this large continent: The longest river is the Le Waters that flowed over the countries Jing, Yi, Yong, and You; the one that follows after is Che Large River that flows through the countries Jing, Qing, and Liang; the shortest one is the Lei River in front of me. And Country Jing, the country located in the highland in the middle of the continent is where the headwater of these three rivers lie. This is also why even though Country Jing is small but was still able to survive while being surrounded by the five largest countries.

Following the flow, we trudged in. A green-grey coloured city gate appeared in front of our eyes soon. Two black-coloured calligraphy words can be seen on the city gate: Bian City.

The flow suddenly stopped and I widened my eyes as I looked to the front. A long queue was formed in front of the city gate. I wonder what was up. At this time, I felt the woman’s body slightly stiffened and I furrowed my brow as I raised my head, looking puzzled. I saw both the man and the woman exchanged glances. Turning her glances, she looked coldly at me. The strength of her arms increased.

The queue trudged forward, going as slow as how Lei River flows. As we got nearer and nearer to the city gate, a rough scolding can somehow be heard: “Go and pass over, next!” It was as if the city guard was checking over something, are they perhaps looking for me and mother? Excitedly widening my eyes, it seems like there’s hope!

“Next!” The man in green clothing circled over the woman who was carrying me stood there properly. The city guard wearing crimson coloured army uniform was holding onto a piece of paper and looked at both me and the woman thoroughly. Twitching his lips, he impatiently waved his hand: “Next!”

I strongly bit on my lower lips and tears began to fall from my eyes. Widening my eyes, I stared intently at the city guard: Don’t let them pass through, please help me.

That woman increased her grip over me and cruelty can be seen in her eyes, as if she was threatening me. Ignoring the pain in my body, I strongly moved my neck. With the messy hair stick onto my face, I raised my head to look at the city guard in crimson uniform desperately.

“Wait!” The city guard with bushy beard hardened his face and walked over, blocking the both of them and took out the paper again. He then looked over me attentively. Widening his eyes, he asked loudly: “Who is this little girl to you?”

The man in green coloured clothing gently touched my forehead and slowly explained: “The name of this me is Tang Zhong, I brought my wife and daughter out to visit our relatives. This daughter of mine was naughty earlier and fell into the river. She was then shocked and had caught a cold.”

With tears in my eyes, I shook my head frustratingly. I stared hardly at that uncle with bushy beard. I was unable to say anything: It was not like that, don’t believe in him!

“Qing Er? Qing Er! My child, don’t scare mother!” That woman turned my body over and pressed onto my head, pushing me into her embrace, “Dear! Dear! What should we do? My poor daughter!” As she said so, she had even sobbed. I tried to turn my body, but my body was stiff and the only part that I can move – my neck was held down by her.

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[1] 儿 Er is an intimate way of calling someone, mostly by family or people who have very close relationships. And the 晴Qing is not the same as her pet name 卿Qing

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