Yue Chen Yin Chapter 6 Part 2

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Translated: Akiha

Chapter 6 The Thoughts in Two Hearts that Can’t Reach One Another Part 2

“Is this child mute?” The guard’s voice had become lower.

“That’s right.” The man sighed as he said so.

“Alright, fine. Just pass the gate and find a clinic in the city. The shock the child went through can still be treated.”

“Thank you very much.” I was pressed tightly onto the woman’s chest. The thick taste of blood is found in my mouth as I bit onto my lower lips strongly. My heart turned cold as tears flowed down my cheeks.

After some time, the force behind my head was gone. I glared at the both of them as I sniffled.

“San Ge[1], this child seems to be quite the stubborn one.” The woman with blue flower pattern clothes wiped my mouth as she smiled.

The man in green clothing looked at me expressionlessly and humph coldly: “After we arrive Qian State, this child will have nothing to do with us anymore. Shi Jiu, don’t be too close to her.”

Close? This is called close?! I rolled my eyes at him and turned my head away, observing the surroundings in detail. Unlike the gorgeousness and exquisiteness of You Country’s capital, the bricks and roof tiles here appeared to be simple and plain. Focusing on my surroundings, I heard some loud and clear cries by the stall owners. It is totally different from the soft and sweet accent from the capital. Seems like the city appeared as how it was named; Bian Cheng, the border city of You Country.

Feeling the woman called Shi Jiu stopping in her tracks, I raised my head to look to the front. A bunch of yellow lanterns were hanged stone pillar. On the lantern, two flat handwritings can be seen: Little Inn.

I turned my head and accidentally saw the corner of the lips of the man in green curved upwards. As my body is tuck closely to Shi Jiu’s chest, I felt her heaving a deep breath. This Small Inn perhaps might be their territory. Who are they?

A server with earth coloured clothing stood by the door and eagerly greeted: “Dear customers, are you here to rest or to stay for the night?”

“Stay for the night.” Tang Zhong said so plainly.

“How many rooms? What type of room?” The server rubbed his hands as he led them into the main hall.

“One room, middle class room.[2] The windows should be facing a tree with and the room should be of large spacing.”

“Alright!” The server changed his tone and cried out, “Shopkeeper, three people are staying for the night. One middle class room.”

Shi Jiu threw me onto the bed after carrying me to the room most west side in the first floor. Raising her hand, the bed’s draping fell and covered my line of sight. A squeaking sound made by the door can be heard and the door was lightly closed.

“Xiao Hao Zi is here to greet the Branch Leader.” This voice belongs to the server earlier. Seems like this is indeed their territory.

“Has Lao Liu and the others arrived?” Tang Zhong’s voice was low and deep, making him appeared to look dignified.

“Master Liu and Miss Shi Yi have successfully passed through the border two days ago.”

The sound of a stool being dragged can be heard and Shi Jiu lightly sighed: “San Ge, we should pick up our pace now.”

“We don’t need to rush. There’s still three days left till the day we’re supposed to hand the things over.” The sound of water pouring out can be heard. I can’t help but licked my dried lips. I’m thirsty.

“Xiao Hao Zi, is the carriage ready?”

“Replying to the Branch Leader; it was prepared yesterday, so it’s ready to move tonight. Those at Qian State were notified, so there will be someone there to take over.”

To have placed a large number of hidden guards in You Country, the size of the organization must be huge as well. Thinking though it carefully, there must have been some problem with that fragrance. The fact that Hong Luo closed the window without showing any suspicious movement must have been to ensure the effect of the Qunfang Fragrance. It can be concluded that all of these were schemed by Consort Shu.

But who are these people? Are they officials? Burglars? Or are they soldiers? Where is Qian State? Why were they risking so much to abduct me to there? Also, is mother in their hands?

The more I think, the more questions popped up. All of this must have been a plot. After scheming against me, who are they trying to conspire? All the information within my brain is tangled together. I calm my heart down to think it through, slowly untangling them. Right before I can come up with the answer, the drape was suddenly pulled up and my train of thoughts were cut off.

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[1] 哥Ge – is used to call someone who’s older (in position or age) than you, not necessarily blood related. And an extra fact, the names are all numbers (19 Shi Jiu, 3 San, 6 Liu, 11 Shi Yi)

[2] The rooms are classified into 3 types. Putting it in modern terms: 天字房 President suite (top class), 地字房Business room (middle class), or 人字房Standard room (lower class)

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