Yue Chen Yin Chapter 6 Part 3

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Translated: Akiha

Chapter 6 The Thoughts in Two Hearts that Can’t Reach One Another Part 3

“Little girl, you’re hungry aren’t you.” Shi Jiu smiled as she looked at me and stretched her hands out to carry me.

With my forehead under her chin, I found the facial skin to be dry and astringent, which felt weird. Squinting my eyes, I raised my head and found a line at her jaw. Did she have disguise on? The skin on my eyes jumped and I swallowed my saliva: it seems like they are people from Jianghu.[1]

When I returned from my thoughts, I found that we have arrived at the main hall in the ground floor of the inn. With me in her arms, Shi Jiu sat down slowly. She poked at my lips as if showing her endearment and waved her hand towards the server in the inn: “Xiao Er[2], give me a kettle of tea.”


“San Ge, look, Qing Er’s lips had become dried.” Shi Jiu lightly patted my head and said so softly, “Let’s have noodles in the night. It’s cheap and filling.”

“Okay, all according to what the wife asks for.” The coldness was wiped off Tang Zhong’s face and a warm smile can be seen on his face, “Hey, three bowls of dried noodles as well.”

“Got it, do wait a moment.”

After being fed a cup of tea and a bowl of noodles, I find my stomach to be slightly heavier. Licking my lips, I began to observe my surroundings. As the day turned dark, the lantern outside the inn was lighted without anyone knowing when it happened. People were walking in and out of the inn, making the inn appeared to be in a hustle. How will I be able to save myself under their watch? Just to know, after tonight, it will be even more difficult to run away. I closed my eyes and furrowed my brows, and I began to shake my head.

Shi Jiu grabbed onto my chin, and the hold became stronger, but her voice had appeared to be softer and gentler: “What happened?”

I pouted and opened my lips, soundlessly saying two words: Stomach ache.

Shi Jiu squinted and set her gaze on me to observe me. After a while, she raised her glance towards Tang Zhong: “San Ge?”

With a smile not reaching his eyes, he reached his hand out to pat my head. Sending glances towards Shi Jiu: “Just go. Be sure to take good care of Qing Er.”

“Don’t worry~” Shi Jiu smiled softly and carried me to the back of the hall.

Standing outside the toilet, a lantern was hanged on the eaves, giving out a weak light. I leaned over Shi Jiu’s shoulder and after making sure that she can’t see my face, I widened my eyes and kept on staring at the old man queuing behind as if my life depends on it. The old man that was looking at the sky at first blankly lowered his head as if he had felt my staring.

This is the last chance; I widened my eyes and stared straight at him, with my mouth moving in great motion: Help me!

The old man tilted his head and looked at me feeling puzzled. After a while, he smiled. Gosh, he did not understand at all! Feeling impatient and scared, tears began to fall from my eyes. Looking at him fearfully, I opened my mouth widely once again: Help me! Help me! Help me!

The old man seemed to have understood and his beard shook. Widening his eyes, he stared at my mouth. Chances came by rarely, and if they are gone, it’s gone forever. I once again opened my mouth soundlessly: Help me!

He pointed to the back of Shi Jiu’s head and frowned. I lightly shook my head and tears flowed into my mouth, which had a bitter taste. I shook my head in despair: Help me!

The grandpa slightly pursed his lips and walked to the front of Shi Jiu shakily: “You, quickly let go of this child!”

Shi Jiu changed her posture and carried me horizontally in front of her chest: “Old man, what are you talking about?”

“This child is not yours!” The old man was so angry his body began to tremble. He then raised his voice and cried out, “Is there anyone, someone please come over!”

Shi Jiu lowered her head and stared at me coldly. She then humph lightly: “Old man, if you can’t hold it in anymore you can go first and tell me directly. Is there a need to say such a thing to trap me?”

Not caring about anything at all, I used my head to push against her chest using the strength from my neck. I arched my body to get away from her binding.

“Trap you? Look at this child, she don’t even want you!” I have finally met a kind person. The grandpa relentlessly stood there and stomped, raising his voice to cry out again, “Someone, come over, there’s an abductor here!”

Hearing the disarrayed footsteps, hope began to grow within my heart. I looked at the grandpa gratefully and soundlessly moved my lips: Thank you.

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[1]江湖Jianghu is the community of martial artists in wuxia stories and, more recently, outlaw societies like the Triads (from Google). In the context of this novel, it’s martial arts.

[2] Although I placed server in the part before and here, the term is “小二Xiao Er”. They are indeed server but I find placing Xiao Er when calling out to them would be better. Or should I change it?