Yue Chen Yin Chapter 6 Part 4

Originally, in the alst part, I had wanted to comment on how the FL is not a damsel in distress. But on second thought, it’s better to write it out in this part due to what will happen after.

Translated: Akiha

Chapter 6 The Thoughts in Two Hearts that Can’t Reach One Another Part 4

“What happened? What happened?” The voice that came from behind ends up being the server’s voice. My heart jumped and my eyes widened: Don’t tell me there are no other people around? No, there’s still one more in the toilet. So there’s still hope left.

With a squeak, the wood door opened. I looked over with hope in my eyes. The inn’s shopkeeper walked out slowly with smile on his face. I looked at him, feeling petrified, and my heart had also went cold.

“The both of you came at the right time.” The old man pointed at Shi Jiu will unstable breath and said, “This woman is an abductor!”

Feeling myself limped in Shi Jiu’s embrace, I looked at him terrifyingly. I opened my mouth: Run away! Run away!

The old man nodded at me and gave me a consoling gaze. I shook my head vigorously. With tears in my eyes and my throat trembling, I kept on moving my lips: Run away! Run away!

Hurry up and get away from here, or not it will be too late! They are of the same side! I… I don’t want to cause harm to you……

Mist appeared in front of my eyes. Within the hazy mist, I saw the short and thin silhouette collapsed slowly and I bit my lower lips in despair.

“Xiao Hao Zi, leave no trace behind.” Shi Jiu said so coldly and walked over the corpse. I turned my head over and felt my tears flowing down from the corner of my eyes. Under the dark and heavy night, the lights shone dim; with body like Elm wood, the heart turned cold.

Unknowingly and heartlessly, with no premonition nor knowledge of when it’s going to happen. I did not wish to kill him, but he had died because of me. It was all due to my recklessness; it was all because of my selfishness, that had caused the warm hearted old man to throw his life away.

Suddenly, there was a strong impact on my face and I regained my senses. Blankly looking at Shi Jiu who’s clenching her jaws, she stared at me as she gritted: “You are quite the sly little girl!” With my senses back, I looked around. Seems like we have returned to the room.

I saw Tang Zhong walking into the room through the corner of my eyes and a heavy force slapped across my face. My body felt light from that impact and my face hit the edge of the table heavily. Something rusty can be tasted in my mouth and my gum felt excruciating. I opened my mouth to spat out and a tooth was amidst the red blood. It was so white that it made my heart jumped.

“That’s enough, Shi Jiu.” Tang Zhong lowly snapped at the aggravated woman.

A heavy pinching can be felt on my cheek and my oral cavity felt sour from that. I furrowed and raised my eyesight just to see Tang Zhong looking at me expressionlessly. He then opened his mouth coldly: “If this item of trading is to be damaged, all our efforts will be wasted.”

After saying so, he raised his right hand and swung it down strongly.

The back of my neck felt numb. The world in front of me spun and turned. I, once again, had lost my consciousness.

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It’s not that the FL did not try to save herself… But she was unable to. Do not forget, FL is only a mere 6 y/o at this point, both her father and brother headed for war, and the ones she’s dealing with are trained in the maretial arts.

And now, the plot has began to pick up. Prepare yourself before the climax of FL’s childhood arc~

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