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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous Ch 1

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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous

Chapter 1 – Why

Qingxuan Continent, East China: The demonic beast forest of Ye City twenty miles away.

“Lacking too much virtue! Gone way too far!”

“This is intolerable!”

“God! You’re playing me!”

A “black charcoal ball” jumped on their feet, hands on their hips, cursing while pointing at the sky.

Suddenly, a flash of lightning struck down from the sky. Although the “black charcoal ball” climbed onto the tree next to it very quickly, the lightning bolt seemed to have grown eyes, turning a corner, striking the “black charcoal ball” squarely.

The “black charcoal ball” fell down from the tree with a bang and fainted onto the ground.

Just after the “black charcoal ball” fainted, a person actually dropped from the sky and fell heavily onto the ground dozens of feet away from the “black charcoal ball”.

Very shortly, the “black charcoal ball” woke up and was about to curse, but remembering the lightning just now, it ended up muttering in a small whisper:

“God, it’s not that I want to curse at you but you tell me, I, Yunjiu, finally managed to muddle along in the modern world and went from a little beggar to becoming an incredible special agent. Having left the organization through a cicada casting off its skin¹, then just about to enjoy the greatness of life, why would I be struck by a bolt of lightning and transmigrated?”

¹TN: feint, escaping a situation through scheming

“Nevermind the transmigration, why into this black girl?”

“Forget the blackness! Why is it also a wastrel that can’t cultivate? Please tell me why?”

Yun Jiu sighed and groaned, remembering the life experiences of this body, her tears could not help but flow down. The original owner perfectly explained what is meant by – ‘if you do not seek death, you will not die!’

This body is named Yun Chu Jiu, 14 years old, with a dark complexion, and was a god damned wastrel that can’t cultivate!

Moreover, also an abandoned child! She was thrown into the woods of Luoxia Mountain just after she was born.

Fortunately, she met the kindhearted Yun Changqing couple.

Yun Chang Qing and his wife Lin Bi Yun have been married for many years with no children under them. Thus, they took Yun Chujiu under them as a foster daughter and brought her back to the Yun family.

Because she was picked up on the 9th day, Yun Chu Jiu’s ranking in the Yun family was again also the 9th, so she was named Yun Chu Jiu.

The Yun family was a well known cultivation family in Ye City. Yun Chang Qing was the youngest son of Yun Xiao Tian, the head of the Yun family. His natural talent was shocking, receiving much favor from Yun Xiao Tian. Yun Chu Jiu could be considered to have fallen into a honeypot.

Who would’ve thought that when Yun Chu Jiu was five years old, it was discovered that she was a wastrel that could not cultivate.

Blessings never come in pairs, misfortunes never come singly². When Yun Chujiu was eight years old, while completing a task from the family, communication with Yun Chang Qing and his wife was lost, their whereabouts unknown.

²TN: Just as it says, when fortune comes, you don’t tend to get more. While when disasters happen, there tends to be more than one disaster, as though everything falls apart at the same time.

Over the passing of time, everyone could only helplessly accept the fact that the two had passed away, and built their two burial mounds.

Poor little Yun Chu Jiu’s position in the Yun family became awkward!

She was originally just a foster daughter, also a wastrel that couldn’t cultivate. Now she has also lost the protection of her adoptive parents. Yun Chu Jiu’s sensitive little heart began to speculate about the Yun family members maliciously, feeling that everyone looked down on her and couldn’t wait to push her out of the Yun family.

It was at this time that the scumbag, Bai Moyu, appeared!

A few worthless disgusting words, a few pieces of dry pastries, moved that original dimwit to no end.

That original idiot didn’t even bother thinking. Bai Moyu was the second son of the Bai family who were sworn enemies of the Yun family, you followed him all day long being all clingy, and how would the members of the Yun family see this as?

Although Yun Xiao Tian was very angry about her behavior, but, seeing how young she was, and how pitiful her life was, he only gave a verbal threat, but didn’t really do anything to her.

But the original idiot thought that Yun Xiao Tian couldn’t stand seeing her be better. Under Bai Moyu’s instigation, this nincompoop did a number of things that were unforgivable towards the Yun family.

Plus, today, the fool did another thing stupid enough for the Yun family to drive her out of the house!

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