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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous Ch 10

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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous

Chapter 10 – Enraged

Soon after, Chun Yu found a rope and handed it tremblingly to Yun Chujiu. Chun Yu made up her mind that if the young lady wanted to hang herself, she would stop her no matter what was said.

    Yun Chujiu took the rope, then broke off a thin branch from the tree in the yard, and tied it to her back with the rope.

    “Miss, you, what are you planning to do?” Chun Yu was worried. Her Miss couldn’t have received some provocation and went mad now could she?! 

    “Watch over the yard well, I’m going to meet with grandfather.” Yun Chujiu hurried off to Yun Xiaotian’s study once she finished speaking.

    When the servants of Yun Residence saw Yun Chujiu’s striking appearance, they were all dumbfounded!

   “Didn’t Ninth Miss always wear only black clothes? Why would she wear a white disciple uniform today?”

    “Couldn’t something have gone wrong with her brain? What is she doing carrying a branch?”

   “Today is Young Master Chang Qing’s memorial day. Could something have set Ninth Miss off?”

    “Just leave it! Saying something disrespectful, this person has been chasing Bai Moyu all day long. She probably already forgot what day today is!”

    “I remember last year today, after Master Chang Qing’s funeral, she ran out and went to the restaurant with Bai Moyu without even shedding a tear. Really such a white-eyed wolf!”

    “Hush, be quiet! If she hears again, she’ll make a fuss in front of the patriarch again. When that time comes, no doubt there’ll be another round of punishment.”

    “Humph! Because of her, those side branches have strong opinions towards the patriarch. Just that our patriarch is kind. Such a thing should just be expelled from the Yun family.”


  Yun Chujiu had amazing hearing. After listening to everyone’s whispers, her feet staggered. Granmama, how did she transmigrate into such a wonderful body?!

    Consolidating these people’s comments and Yun Chuwu’s previous behavior, it seemed that Yun Xiaotian had suppressed the news about the stolen Spirit Gathering Pill. Yun Chujiu had some good feelings towards this unseen cheap grandfather of hers, to be so kind to even white-eyed wolves such as the original owner. It could be seen that Yun Xiaotian was a person who placed great importance on love and justice.

    In other words, Yun Xiaotian placed all his empathy and guilt towards Yun Chujiu, but unfortunately, the original idiot did not appreciate it.

    Just as Yun Chujiu had her head lowered in contemplation, she was stopped on her way.

    “The sun must’ve really risen from the north! Yun Chujiu, you actually didn’t go out and fooled around with Bai Moyu today? Tsk tsk, why didn’t you wear that crow’s suit of yours? What’s the meaning of your carrying a branch behind you? Could it be that Bai Moyu likes this? Hahaha!”

    It was Yun Chuer from the second household, ranked second in the family. He was 19 years old this year and usually bullied Yun Chujiu.

    Yun Chujiu rolled her eyes in her heart. All kinds of birds resided in a big forest. This Yunchuer usually bullied the original body. He played no small part in the reason why the original owner kept bashing her head against the wall.

    “Second brother, my grandfather is anxiously looking for me for something, please step aside.” Yun Chujiu said lightly.

    Yun Chuer was stunned. This Yun Chujiu usually had on a miserable and gloomy look. Why was she so calm today?

    “It’s not impossible for me to give way. Recently, I have been a little tight on hand, one hundred silvers!” Yun Chuer said with a shady smile. Although Yun Chujiu was a little orphan girl, that old fellow Yun Xiaotian usually did not skimp out on her.

    “One hundred silvers? Why don’t you go rob it? Scram!” Yun Chujiu had two hobbies in her life; one was eating and the other was money. Upon hearing Yun Chuer asking for money, she suddenly looked like a cat whose tail was stepped on, all her fur standing on end!

    Yun Chuer was taken aback by Yun Chujiu’s savage expression. He used to always get money from Yun Chujiu. Why did she react so harshly this time?!

    Yun Chuer couldn’t help but feel angry from annoyance: “Yun Chujiu, don’t be ungrateful! You ‘thing’ that bites the hand that feeds, if you don’t hand over the money, I will really teach you a lesson!”

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