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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous Ch 3

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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous

Chapter 3 – Merely Meddlesome Only

“Your clothes are not bad, perfect since my clothes are dirty, I will reluctantly accept them. My character is kind, so just the outer coat is enough!” Yun Chujiu took off the man’s outer coat in just two-three moves.

Although the wound on the back of Yun Chujiu’s head had strangely recovered, there were still some blood stains and mud on her clothes. This girl took off her clothes and put the man’s clothes on herself: “If it’s too big then so be it. Better than my dirty clothes any day.”

Unexpectedly, the suit actually shrank automatically, the size and weight becoming just right.

Yun Chujiu’s eyes revealed a pleasant light, and happily said: “What a treasure! I didn’t expect this little boy toy’s clothes to be this good!”

Yun Chujiu twirled her eyes and put her clothes on the outside of the suit. The so-called wealth should not be exposed. Such a good treasure, best to not have others take a fancy to it.

“Huh? There’s still something in this little boy toy’s hands?” Yun Chujiu found that the man’s right hand was tightly clenched as if there was something in it.

How could Yunchujiu miss this great opportunity to make a fortune. After expending a tremendous amount of power, she finally managed to open up the man’s hand, silently cursing within, already a dead man yet still so strong!

She couldn’t help being disappointed when she saw the thing in the man’s hand. It was, unexpectedly, just an unremarkable fruit.

She picked it up and smelled it. There was only a trace of fragrance. She couldn’t help but pouted: “You can tell it’s worthless at first glance. It’s said that the fragrance of good spirit fruits assaults your nose like a tidal wave.”

Yun Chujiu just happened to be thirsty and thus simply, ‘crunch crunch’, gnawed away the fruit in a few bites.

She threw the core away and prepared to leave.

Inadvertently, she scanned her eyes across the handsome features of the man and, unable to explain what came over her, touched his face.

Felt pretty good!

Heavens! What was she doing?

Yun Chujiu’s face, which was thicker than a city wall, suddenly turned red and stuttered: “It…It’s not that I wanted to take advantage of you. I…I just have meddlesome hands! Yes, I have meddlesome hands!

That um, little boy toy, thank you for your clothes. I don’t have the strength to dig a grave for you. I believe there would soon be beasts to help you return to the dust and the soil. Never see you again! “

Yun Chujiu panickedly finished talking and bounded away with her hands and feet at the same time.¹

¹TN: Think bear walk where you move the same hand and foot at the same time.

After half a time period² had passed, several black dots appeared in the sky. Several men in black landed on the ground afterwards. They looked at the man on the ground and were dumbfounded!

²TN: Ancient time unit. Each period was 2 hours with 12 periods in a day. In this case, it just meant after an hour had passed.

Just as the men in black were still stupefied, the man on the ground abruptly opened his eyes.

If Yun Chujiu currently saw the man, she would not associate him with some little boy toy, because following the opening of the man’s eyes, a murderous aura slowly spread. It would only make people feel that this was a killer god who could strike terror upon one’s heart!

The man glanced at the group of people in black. One of the leaders responded the quickest, turned around with a swish, and then fell to his knees.

The rest of the men in black suddenly snapped awake, and quickly followed that person’s example, turned around, and knelt to the ground.

If you looked closely, you would find that they were all slightly trembling. Oh my god, who was so foolhardy, to have actually done that to the Sovereign?!

The Sovereign had rejected so many misses from aristocratic families, elite sect martial artists, not expecting that his innocence would be taken away in this most inconspicuous Qingxuan Continent!

The Sovereign had serious mysophobia and did not even allow people to approach within three feet. Who would’ve thought that in the wilderness of Qingxuan Continent, he would just…just had…just had that done to him?

What kind of woman would it be to have this kind of fearlessness?!

The Sovereign they spoke of froze for a moment with his teeth clenched, and then flashed away, disappearing.

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I’ll be using Yun Chujiu from now on and will be going back to change the previous chapters to reflect that too. Would it be more preferable to use the original Chinese terms rather than their English equivalent? Let me know! If the Chinese terms are better, I’ll make a glossary for the terms. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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