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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous Ch 4

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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous

Chapter 4 – Smacked to Death Refining Medicine

“Protector Wind, where did the Sovereign go?” A man in black carefully asked the leader of the group.

The corner of that leading man in black’s mouth twitched: “Not far from here, there is a waterfall. The Sovereign must have gone to bathe!”

These people dressed in black collectively twitched the corners of their mouths. Someone questioned doubtfully: “It stands to reason that no one on Qingxuan Continent could be an opponent for the Sovereign. How could the Sovereign, how could…”

“Humph! That female pervert must have taken advantage while he was in danger, and forced herself upon the Sovereign!” A black man said angrily.

“How do you know it’s a female pervert, it could’ve been a male.”

Everyone was stunned by this hypothesis. Dear God, they were untainted by even a speck of dust¹. The Sovereign, like a Hibiscus Rose coming out of clear water, actually had that done to him by a man?

¹TN: Selfless and non-corrupted.

The group of people suddenly felt that their sins were unforgivable. To actually let their Sovereign suffer such humiliation, they simply deserved to die!

A short while later, the Sovereign —– Di Beiming, returned with low air pressure dispersing around him.

The leading man in black, An Feng, swallowed in the dark and asked with forced courage: “Sovereign, you, didn’t you go to pick the Linglong Chixia Fruit? Why, why…”

“When this Sovereign was controlling the sword, a bolt of heavenly thunder suddenly appeared above my head. This Sovereign’s cultivation was also suppressed, and was struck by lightning under unexpected circumstances.”

Di Beiming’s face was blue, how could there be heavenly thunder for no reason? And a greatly powerful purple heavenly thunder at that! It really was strange!

An Feng shrank his neck, and tentatively asked, “Sovereign, then did you ever manage to get the Linglong Chixia Fruit?”

“En.” Emperor Beiming lightly answered.

An Feng said excitedly: “That’s fantastic! Sovereign, as long as Linglong Chixia Fruit is refined into the Lieyang Pill, you can temporarily suppress the cold poison in your body.”

Di Beiming snorted coldly. Everyone just felt like their whole body froze over: “It was eaten by someone!”

Everyone followed Di Beiming’s gaze and saw a cleanly gnawed core on the ground in the distance.

Everyone suddenly had a conjecture in their heart, my lord heavenly God! Which bold and perverted lecher not only forced themselves upon the Sovereign but also ate Linglong Chixia Fruit?

“Go investigate for me! Find that thing, kill it! Refine it into medicine!” Di Beiming squeezed these few words through his teeth.

An Feng gritted his teeth and asked with courage: “Sovereign, that, is that thing male or female? What are their characteristics?”

“It should be a female, mean, shameless, indecent, avaricious, lustful! She stole my snow silk brocade shirt, go investigate the rest yourselves. If you haven’t found the person, don’t come back to see me!”

Di Beiming remembered what Yun Chujiu had done to himself, his complexion gloomy and scary. Although he did not have his sense of hearing and sight at the time, he still had his sense of touch.

That thing actually dared to strip this Sovereign’s clothes! The most unforgivable thing was…actually…actually even…it really was looking for death!

Even though Di Beiming had just washed himself in the waterfall several times, he still felt uncomfortable all over.

An Feng and everyone else listened to Di Beiming’s words, and became a mess! What did he mean by ‘should be a woman’? Could it really be possible that the Sovereign was forced by a man?!

“Forget it! This Sovereign will go and smack that thing to death personally! To refine medicine!” Beyond the utter hatred he had, there was still a trace of curiosity within Di Beiming’s heart. What kind of a damn thing dared to treat this Sovereign like so?! Simply too daring!

Yun Chujiu didn’t know that she had been marked by the killer god. This one was currently cursing the original owner tearlessly.

The reputation of the original owner was simply beyond terrible!

Once out of the monster forest, she met several groups of people. Despite Yun Chu’s repeated pestering and begging, no one was willing to give her a ride.

Looking upon Yun Chujiu in disdain as though they saw a dog or a piece of sh*t.

“Get out of the way! You wastrel!”

“Exactly, being born ugly and a wastrel then so be it. But to actually still shamelessly hang onto Master Moyu all day long…really too shameless!”

“The Yun family really fell on shitty bad luck, to have actually raised such a white-eyed wolf that bit the hand that fed it.”

“I heard that today is the death anniversary of Yun Changqing and his wife. Not staying home to pay homage to her foster parents, what did Yun Chujiu run out here for?”

“Needless to say, it must have been to pester Moyu Gongzi. Really too shameless!”


Yun Chujiu could only walk back to Ye City sadly.

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