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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous Ch 5

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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous

Chapter 5 – Little Pretty Boy is Here

Yun Chujiu arrived outside the gate of the Yun family. The guard saw that Yun Chujiu had returned, and, despite the contempt in his heart, he still stepped forward to give a greeting: “Ninth Miss, you are back!”

“En, I’m back. You’ve worked hard. Use this money to go drink some tea!” Yun Chujiu pulled out a piece of broken silver with some anguish and threw it to the two guards.

Even after Yun Chujiu had walked far away, the mouths of the two guards still haven’t closed.

My mother, this Ninth Miss couldn’t have gone crazy right? Always holding an aloof and haughty appearance, why was she so approachable today? Also, and also reward them with silver?

Just as Yun Chujiu was trying to sneak back into her courtyard, she was dragged into a corner by a young girl.

“Yun Chujiu! You still have face to come back? You are simply, you are a white-eyed wolf! Grandfather treats you so well, you actually went and stole the Spirit Gathering Pill!”

“Today is uncle’s memorial day, yet you, you actually did this kind of thing! You’re worse than a dog or a pig!¹ Why aren’t you quickly surrendering out the Spirit Gathering Pill! Otherwise, even grandfather can’t protect you!”

¹TN: Lower than plain low (or as some people would say, lower than an insect)

Yun Chu shrunk her neck. This raging girl in front of her, dressed in a moon-white dress, with a charming appearance, like a prickly rose with thorns.

This young girl was Yun Chujiu’s cousin from her eldest uncle’s family, Yun Chuwu.

“Fifth, fifth elder sister, let me go back to the courtyard and change clothes first. I’ll immediately go return the medicinal pill back to grandfather.” How could Yun Chujiu possibly dare to say that the Spirit Gathering Pill was gifted to Bai Moyu. If that was said, Yun Chuwu would have eaten her alive.

After Yun Chujiu finished, regardless of Yun Chuwu’s suppressed scolding behind her, she ran back to her courtyard in a jiffy.

“Mother! Ther scared my little heart to death! I have yet to say that I gave the medicinal pill to Bai Moyu. If I did say that, my skin would definitely have been torn off. What should I do?” Upon entering her abode, Yun Chujiu slumped down onto the chair.

“Yun Chujiu ah, Yun Chujiu, wouldn’t you say you are stupid? Ah? Aren’t you stupid?”

“Just look at your courtyard, the furnishings in your house, which one is not top quality? The Yun family treats you like this, and you actually did such cruel and unscrupulous things! Causing me to clean up this mess for you.”

Just as Yun Chujiu was muttering, suddenly her scalp numbed, and all her hair stood on end! There was danger! There was a murderous aura!

With a bang, Yun Chujiu watched her door become a pile of rubble. The whole room swayed, as if it could collapse at any given time.

What happened? Earthquake? Or did the Yun family come as a group to beat her up?

Just as Yun Chujiu was questioning suspiciously, her body, unexpectedly, couldn’t move at all. With a swish, she was sucked straight into the courtyard by some force!

With a snap, Yun Chujiu was harshly dropped onto the ground, and with her face first too.

Yun Chujiu was completely stupefied! Although knowing that in this time and space, people cultivated something called spiritual power, but this was too inconceivable!

Yun Chujiu heard someone snort coldly, and then she was able to move.

When Yun Chujiu got up and clearly saw the person’s appearance in front of her, she was frightened so much that, with a snap, she sat back on the ground.

Yun Chujiu clasped her hands together and kept mumbling: “Heavenly spirit, earth spirit,¹ little pretty boy, ah, no, handsome man, although I robbed you of your clothes, I wasn’t the one that killed you! Injustice has a cause and debts have its creditors. You should go find the murderer. In the future, I will burn more paper money for you on the first and fifteenth day.”²

¹TN: This is a precursor mantra that’s always said when it came to facing ghosts in novels and dramas.

²TN: This refers to the lunar calendar days. The first and fifteenth day of the lunar calendar is regarded as days to worship the dead to wish for good luck within the common people.

“Beautiful man, you can tell with just a glance at your appearance that you were a wealthy man with a big heart and an open mind when alive. You certainly would not lower yourself to have the same outlook as me, this little pitiful person. My life really is devastating, listeners become sad, rendering tears to all who hear!”

“Look at me, an abandoned baby so be it. But actually ugly too. Born ugly then be it, but also a wastrel that can’t cultivate! If just a wastrel then so be it, but also not having a good brain and got deceived by a scumbag! I was really forced to borrow your clothes! (I really had no choice but to borrow your clothes)! If you want it, I’ll take it off and return it to you immediately!”

TN: I must say the names crack me up. First nine (Chujiu), first dance (Chuwu), Dark Wind (An Feng)

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TN: I must say the names crack me up. First nine (Chujiu), first dance (Chuwu), Dark Wind (An Feng). Also, I used pretty boy here but the original actually says ‘little white face’. Would that be more preferred?

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