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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous Ch 6

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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous

Chapter 6 – Male God, I Love You

Yun Chujiu said that as she began to slowly undress, a cunning light flashed across her eyes. She didn’t believe in haunting, undead, or the likes. This person must’ve been in a state of suspended animation at that time. She was also careless and didn’t check things over well!

   What should she do now? This little pretty boy was unusually powerful. She had absolutely no ability to fight him head-on. She could only counter whatever that came.

    Di Beiming frowned, and originally he planned to directly smack Yun Chujiu to death.

    He didn’t expect Yun Chujiu to keep talking non-stop. No one around him ever dared to utter so many words. Yun Chujiu’s expressions were also rich and ever-changing. For a while, Di Beiming couldn’t make a move because he was stunned.

    Currently, Yun Chujiu had already taken off her set of torn clothes, so she could only start taking off Di Beiming’s set of clothes slowly. She had on an inner set of clothes anyways so she wasn’t afraid of accidentally baring herself. 

    Di Beiming saw that Yun Chujiu stopped speaking, raised his hand, and was about to kill Yun Chujiu!

    Yun Chujiu saw Di Beiming’s movements in her peripheral vision, and her heart shook. This little pretty boy was about to end her, what to do? What to do?

    Under the stressful situation, Yun Chujiu rushed forward and directly hugged Di Beiming’s thigh.

    “Male God! I know, Male God you did not die! You must have come to save the pitiful little me. In fact, I lied just now. When I saw you at that time, I…I fell in love at first sight!

    I stole your clothes because I…I love you! I really love you too much!

    I thought you were dead, so under the heartache, I could only steal your clothes and use them as memorabilia. Wearing your clothes is like having you constantly by my side.

    Wuu wuu wuu, I know, it’s wrong for me to do so.

    But, in the face of my love for you, please spare me!

    My tender pink girl’s heart all burns for you! “

    Hidden in the dark, An Feng and the others almost burst out laughing! This black girl was too good! A tender pink girl’s heart? It should be a perverted heart!

    Where had Di Beiming seen such attitudes before? All his past suitors were each shy and timid. They could barely speak properly upon seeing Di Beiming let alone such a straightforward show of love.

    Under Yun Chujiu’s scalding hot confession, Di Beiming not only did not notice that Yun Chujiu was holding his thigh but also felt a trace of a strange fluttering momentarily.

    However, when Di Beiming remembered Yun Chujiu’s last few tugs, his face became gloomy again and raised his hands again.

    Yun Chujiu also sacrificed herself to save her life. For the sake of living, her skin could even stand side by side with the sun!¹

¹TN: Meaning she could be so thick-skinned that her skin was as thick as the distance to the sun.

    “Male God! Male God! Everything I did was because of love! I really have no resistance to your charm, so, that’s why I couldn’t help myself!

    Love is innocent! Male God, if you want to kill me, then kill me! Dying under your hands, even if I become a little ghost, I would still laugh like a blooming flower! Come, Male God! Let your slap land harder! I will die without any regrets!”

    Yun Chujiu raised her little black face but it was an expression full of happiness! There was only a single tear in the corner of her eyes that fell silently.

    Di Beiming didn’t know if it was Yun Chujiu’s words or the tears that affected him. The hand that was raised slowly lowered.

    Di Beiming frowned. It seemed a pity to kill this little thing. Her words seemed to make some sense. ‘Cough,’ he was so outstanding so there was nothing wrong with her admiring him!

    But what should he do about the cold poison in his body if she was not refined into medicine?

    “The Ling Long Chi Xia Fruit, that was for me to use to cleanse my body of cold poison.”

    Hearing Di Beiming’s clear voice, Yun Chujiu could not help but secretly curse, it was really unfair, this little pretty boy not only looked good, but even his voice sounded so nice!

   “But, but I have already eaten it, and I can’t spit it out!” Yun Chujiu said pitifully.

    “So what? It’s all the same to refine you into a pill.” Di Beiming said calmly as if this was a run of the mill thing.

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