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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous Ch 7

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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous

Chapter 7 – Little Pretty Boy, You and I are Irreconcilable

  Yun Chujiu finally managed to control her chaotic inner power after much difficulty!

    Damn it! This grandmother was a human! A human! Not herbal medicine!

    Refining medicine? Refine your grandma’s leg!

    Damn it! Just couldn’t beat you, otherwise, you’d definitely be beaten until tens of thousands of peach flowers bloom!¹

¹TN: Peach flowers as in bruises, so beaten until he’s covered in bruises

    Yun Chujiu harshly cursed a few words in her heart and then said pitifully: “Male God, look at how dark I am, plus there are also internal organs and whatnot. If refined into medicine it would definitely be very ugly, very disgusting! You would definitely have difficulty swallowing, right?”

    Di Beiming indeed frowned and scanned Yun Chujiu in disgust: “There is no choice. The Ling Long Chi Xia Fruit is very scarce. It is just a matter of rinsing the mouth some more, this Sovereign can bear it.”

    The little one in Yun Chujiu’s heart had already choked Di Beiming half to death. Bastard, this old lady’s about to die yet you’re actually disgusted?! I just couldn’t beat you, otherwise, I would strangle you!

    Yun Chujiu’s head spun lightning-fast, what should she do? It seemed that the damned fruit was very important for this little pretty boy. If she knew this ahead of time, she wouldn’t have eaten it. The taste was not good at all, it wasn’t even as tasty as a radish!

    Di Beiming raised his hand again. Although this little black thing was interesting, it was still more important to suppress the cold poison in his body.

    Yun Chujiu felt the shadow of death loom over herself. What she hated the most was this feeling of being placed on a chopping board. She needed to become stronger, she must become stronger!

    The more dangerous it was, the more Yun Chujiu calmed down. Her brain processed lightning-fast. Suddenly, she bit her index finger.

    “Male God! Blood! My blood must also be able to detoxify! You should suck my blood! The effect would definitely be better than refining pills!”

    In a moment of desperation, Yun Chujiu simply inserted her finger directly into Di Beiming’s mouth.

    The smell of Yun Chujiu’s blood held a strong attraction for Di Beiming, who subconsciously sucked it up.

    Those people in the dark looked at each other dumbfounded, Sovereign, where’s your mysophobia?

    Sovereign, where is your principle?

    What happened to smack the black girl to death and use her to refine medicine?

    Forget about letting that black girl cry for a long time while holding his thighs, but to actually…actually even suck on the person’s finger?

    Yun Chujiu’s small face was gray. F—! Was this little pretty boy a vampire? Actually sucked so much and still not letting go! Was this old lady going to die from blood loss?!

    Finally, Di Beiming let his mouth go with satisfaction. Unexpectedly, the blood of this black thing turned out to have a better effect than the refined pill of the Ling Long Chi Xia Fruit. If it was taken every once in a while, the cold poison should be fully cleared from his body.

    Di Beiming now felt Yun Chujiu was much more pleasing to his eyes. He had thought of countless ways but all failed to completely remove the cold poison from his body. He did not expect to have such an unexpected harvest in Qingxuan Continent.

    “Black thing, you are not bad, what reward do you want?”

    Yun Chujiu looked at Di Beiming’s slightly upturned corner of his mouth and became alert in her heart. Flattery over nothing, no fraud, no theft! Why did this little pretty boy suddenly change his attitude?

   “Male, Male God, this is what I should do. I don’t want any rewards.” Yun Chujiu held her breath and forcefully squeezed out a tint of red on her dark cheeks.

    Di Beiming looked at Yun Chujiu’s look of admiration and a trace of delight surfaced in his heart. It seemed that this black thing didn’t lie to him. She really did fall in love with this Sovereign!

    Although it was impossible for this Sovereign to like such a black thing, but in lieu of her tastes, he could help her out a bit.

    “Come here!” Di Beiming glanced at Yun Chujiu.

   Although Yun Chujiu was suspicious in her heart, she still scuttled in front of Di Beiming: “Male God, what orders do you have?”

    Di Beiming slapped a hand on Yun Chujiu’s chest. Right before Yun Chujiu fainted, there was only one thought in her mind: Mother F—er! Little pretty boy, you and I are at war! I won’t spare you even as a ghost!

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