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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous Ch 9

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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous

Chapter 9 – Help Me Find a Rope

As soon as Yun Chujiu turned around, she only saw an old man standing outside the courtyard door. Yun Chujiu learned from the memory of the original owner that this was steward Li and was quite trusted by Yun Xiaotian.

   There was a respectful expression on steward Li’s face, but Yun Chujiu could see the concealed anger and contempt within it. She couldn’t help but smile bitterly in her heart, the road to whitewashing, it was a long road ahead!

  “Steward Li, I’ll have to trouble you to please tell grandfather that I will head over right away after I finish changing my clothes.” Yun Chujiu returned a half ceremonial greeting and said politely.

    Steward Li stumbled on his feet, could this Ninth Miss be possessed by some ghost? To actually be so polite?! Then, his heart sank. This was bad! To act this way, she must be feeling guilty. That Spirit Gathering Pill couldn’t have already been ruined by her, could it?

    Just as steward Li was in doubt, Yun Chujiu coughed twice and said a little embarrassingly, “Steward Li, cough, my house has been in disrepair for a long time. I’ll have to trouble you to please help me re-install a new door.”

    “Yes! Ninth Miss, it is probably from the abundance of rain recently that has caused it to be damp. It can be repaired.”

    “Cough, it probably can’t be repaired. Steward Li, why don’t you see for yourself!” Yun Chujiu motioned to steward Li, who was standing at the gate of the courtyard, to come in.

    Steward Li walked into the yard suspiciously, but when he saw the scene in front of him, his eyes almost popped out!

    Who could tell him how a good door had turned into a pile of rubble?

    That door was made of hemlock wood! Hemlock wood’s hardness was comparable to that of ironware, so who could have such ability to turn the door into rubble like this?!

    “Ninth Miss, this, this, what exactly is going on?”

    “It was like this when I came back! I don’t know, probably from years of disrepair?! Isn’t that right, Chun Yu?” Yun Chujiu spouted out nonsense with a straight face.

 Chun Yu subconsciously nodded because the simple little girl also didn’t know who the culprit was.

    Steward Li grabbed a scrap of a door, and ran away like flying as if there was a dog behind him!

    Yun Chujiu pouted, and muttered softly, “Already such a ripe age and still so short-tempered, not even as dignified as our Chun Yu!”

    Chun Yu’s little face blushed. Miss seemed to have changed from before, but she liked Miss like this very much.

    The master and servant entered the bedroom. Yun Chujiu got ready to change the dirty clothes she had on, opened the closet, and could not help but be dumbfounded.

    Well, this was great, all the clothes in the closet were black!

    No wonder why when Chun Yu saw her wearing silver-white clothes just now, she looked so strange.

    Yun Chujiu found the reason within the memory of the original owner. It was because Bai Moyu once said that Yun Chujiu looked the best in black clothes.

    Mother F—er! She was originally born black and still wearing black clothes, she’d be no different from a black charcoal ball.

    That scumbag was purely ridiculing her and the original numbskull actually believed it.

    Yun Chujiu rummaged through the closet for a long time before she finally found a moon-white dress. This was the uniform for the disciples of the Yun family. The original owner was always disgusted with it and had stuffed it into the corner of the wardrobe.

    “Idiot! Ignorant fool!” Yun Chujiu cursed out as she put on this moon-white dress.

    Yun Chujiu looked at the bronze mirror. Although this body was born black, but after looking closely, the facial features were quite intricate. Yun Chujiu felt just a bit of satisfaction in her heart. At least it was not that bad.

    Chunyu stood beside her. Although she found her miss’s grumbling behavior strange, she didn’t dare say a word and just earnestly stood on the side.

    “Chun Yu, go, find a rope for me.” Yun Chujiu’s eyes flashed with a sly gleam.

    “Miss! Can’t you think about it? If you died, this servant also wouldn’t be able to live!” Chun Yu exclaimed out, disregarding her fear.

    “Die? What the hell? I’m not hanging myself! Quickly go!” Yun Chujiu glared with her eyes. Chun Yu shrunk her neck in fear and went to find a rope obediently.

    Yun Chujiu touched her chin. It seemed that the original owner did something good. This little girl was quite obedient.

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