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YuuShou Chapter 1112: Founder Olivia ⑪

Walking up the gentle slope, I call out to Olivia, whose apologetic emotions I could clearly feel from behind my back.

[Olivia-san, you don’t have to be so afraid.]

[N- No, but you see…… Having Miyama Kaito-sama walk up a hill while I sit comfortably on your back, I think it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s a once-in-a-thousand-years crime.]

[It’s an exaggeration. You’re making a really big exaggeration. Hmmm, I mean, I know we haven’t known each other that long, but do you think of me as someone who would think of something like that as disrespectful?]

[No, not at all.]

[Then, there’s no problem at all. After all, I myself am saying that I don’t think what you’re doing is disrespectful.]

Well, of course, I understand Olivia-san’s position and why she’s feeling such emotions towards me, Shiro-san’s lover. However, I really don’t mind at all.

If possible, I’d like it if she were to be a little more easygoing around me……

[……That’s exactly…… why I’m anxious.]


[I understand. Indeed, it hasn’t been that much time since we’ve known each other, but still…… I understand that Miyama Kaito-sama is a really kind person.]

Responding with a voice that sounded so serious, I continued to listen to her quietly, not speaking back.

[…….I’m sure that even if I really did something disrespectful, Miyama Kaito-sama would gently tell me not to worry about it, that I’m not being disrespectful.]


[That’s why I’m so anxious. Miyama Kaito-sama saying things like that makes me wonder if  perhaps, without realizing it, I’m actually making you uncomfortable……]

[I see……]

Now that she mentioned it, depending on the person, that really might be the case. It’s not necessarily true that everyone expresses their uneasiness out loud or showing their thoughts through their behavior, so it’s not impossible for someone to really be feeling uncomfortable even though they’re smiling.

However, it’s also difficult to guess all that. It’s best not to worry about it too much, but Olivia-san is a very serious person, so that’s probably why she’s so concerned about such things.

[Olivia-san, I’ve never felt uncomfortable with you so far, and I’ve never thought you had been disrespectful either. It’s also not like I’m just saying this out of concern or anything like that.]

[Miyama Kaito-sama……]

[Moreover, there’s that, you know? I’ve been told by many people that I’m the type of person who wears my emotions on my sleeves, so if I’m really feeling uncomfortable or stuff like that, it will show on my face immediately…… Have I shown such an emotion before?]

[N- No.]

[Then, it’s alright. I think thinking of others, just like Olivia-san did, is very nice, but I don’t think you should mind things too much. I think it’s best to keep things in moderation.]


When I told her this, Olivia-san fell silent for a few moments, as if she felt something. Not saying anything more, the only sound I could hear was my footsteps along the peaceful atmosphere around us.

As I continued to walk up the hill…… a little later, I heard a small, whispering voice.

[……If you had been more rigid and strict about your position…… I wouldn’t have been this troubled.]


[However, the you that I’ve actually talked with is kind and warm…… that I can’t keep my composure.]

I quietly listened to the small, but definitely audible voice, spinning words that seemed to hold deep emotions within them. The emotions I felt from Olivia-san included a lot of confusion and bewilderment, but more than that, gentle emotions were being conveyed.

[Even if Miyama Kaito-sama hadn’t specially said it was an order…… If Miyama Kaito-sama insisted, I wouldn’t be able to disobey you…… but at that time in the boat, at this time too…… You go out of your way to emphasize the word “order”, providing me with a way out. Saying that it can’t be helped because it’s Miyama Kaito-sama’s order, you give me the means to ease the guilt welling up in my heart.]

At that moment, Olivia-san’s hands that were clinging on to me became tighter, and as if she’s squeezing them out while tightly clinging on me, she spoke.

[Kind as you are, I still think you’re a little mean…… You don’t let me stay calm at all. Even though I know I shouldn’t…… When I let my guard down, I just can’t help but want to indulge in your warmth and kindness.]

[I don’t really think it’s a problem though? I’ve also been spoiled and helped in many ways by many people in my life…… If Olivia-san wants to rely and depend on me, that would make me happy too. Well, I don’t really know how much of a help I can be though.]

[……Seriously…… You really are a little mean.]

The small voice she murmured was very gentle, and emotion conveyed within it seemed to contain a warm fondness.

At the very least, my words had reached Olivia-san, and I felt that it had caused her way of thinking to change a little bit.


Serious-senpai : [I- Impossible! Her Heroine Power is shooting up……]

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